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There is nothing new about comparing Melania Trump with Michelle Obama:


…but I find it fascinating that instead of the early acrimony over the Republican convention rules yesterday, all the media is focusing on this morning is Melania’s speech. Invariably, these stories include comparative photos of these two giving their convention speeches. The visual contrast is nearly as striking as Garrison’s cartoon. Combined with the controversy over the plagiarism issue, anyone who did not see the speech last night, is probably highly motivated to go watch it today on YouTube.

Those who do, will likely be as charmed by this exquisite lady as the rest of us, and most unlikely to fall for the meme some are trying to perpetuate, that this highly successful entrepreneur, who speaks five languages, is somehow stupid enough to deliberately plagiarize Michelle’s speech. Yet, that the paragraph was nearly identical to Michelle’s is indisputable. Since she admitted, before even delivering it, that she had professional assistance writing it, the obvious question is who inserted that paragraph into her speech, when, and why?

The speed with which the controversy erupted last night, suggests a deliberate act, with a strategic leak shortly after her delivery. Was it political sabotage? Or perhaps, another three cushion bank shot by the master media manipulator? Like all the past media flurries, this will soon fade, and few will blame Melania herself for the scandal. In the meantime, the controversy over the rules has been completely overshadowed, and the speech that was meant to be the highlight of the first day of the convention, has been amplified beyond belief. YouTube is on fire with uploads and views of it. It is not too difficult to conclude that the lame media has likely been played yet again…  😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    LOL I’m amazed at the coverage it’s getting. It’s not like she mishandled top secret documents or something. First lets be rational. Of course she had help writing the speech. I would guess more than help. It’s probably a complete construct of a professional. (whether good or not is debatable) I wouldn’t expect her to write it. As intelligent and accomplished as she may be English is not her first language. It is said that she can speak five. There’s a difference between speaking a language and composing in a language. My impression of her speaking is that she is reasonably fluent but not “native” in English. Her speech writer seems to have gotten lazy and thought, hey that’s a good line I’ll throw it in.

    Now the notion that it’s yet another stroke of genius from Trump I find a little out there but what the heck roll with it. It’s all out there anyway.

    What it does show though is the eagerness the media will now show to devote mass resources when exploiting even the slightest “misstep” of a campaign that has perfected the art. There will be many he can’t spin to his advantage. Yet they will remain silent on Hillary.

    • It’s not like she mishandled top secret documents. Brilliant.

      I thought it took a lot of courage to get up in front of a half hostile crowd and speak to a half hostile nation, knowing full well that she would be denigrated both in media and social media, whatever the outcome. And then for the rest of Trump’s kids to all line up for the same treatment afterwards speaks well of them.

      Watching the convention thus far, I’ve been reminded of just how much I hate the RNC, and how much better I like the things that Trump chooses to focus on. I’ve had enough jingoism, big donor pandering, and bible thumping.

  • I heard a brief blurb on the news this morning while washing dishes. Over the plagiarism flurry Michelle Obama has made no comment.

    Could it be fear?
    Wonder what would happen if they ran the Michelle speech through that data bank that the guy who claims he found the problem with Melania’s speech?

    Side story:
    One of my clients son wrote that program while a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley.

    This kid was tested as genius at about 14. Berkley wanted to put him in a special program at that time but his mom said no. He graduated from Bullard High School and Berkley snapped him up immediately. Part of his grad work was checking thesis etc. Having to check where the data came from was a drag so he wrote this little program that compared those papers to a database of already published work. It quickly detailed who was using already published material. When he finished the program he brought it back to one of his teachers at Bullard to use. Well one thing led to another and he started a business offering the service all around the world.

    Like most genius individuals he got bored with this “business toy” and sold it to partners. At under 40 this kid was a multi-millionaire.

    That is the short of the story as I recall her telling me … lol

    Could Michell want to remain silent because already her being a guy is starting to circulate again?

    Sometimes letting sleeping dogs lie is better than stirring the pot for fun. 😉

  • Chris says:

    Heard a little earlier that the speechwriter apologized for her “error”. So it seems as I had figured.

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