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We are back in Texas, having survived FreedomFest 2016 in Las Vegas. The overall experience was good and the best of it was wonderful. The best of the best was a speech by Andrew Napolitano. His presentation alone was worth the price of admission. Next best was a speech by Yaron Brook. No surprise there as we have heard Dr. Brook before and he is always right on.

Senator Rand Paul made a good speech of the sort that would have made his presidential candidacy much more viable than the teenage-like attempts at smart-mouth behavior he exhibited in the GOP debates. Ex Governors and Libertarian candidates Johnson and Weld made several appearances. While I support and will vote for Gov. Johnson, he comes off as way too laid back to attract the kind of attention needed to get his ball really rolling. And, were there ever a year and a circumstance for getting said ball rolling, this is the time and the situation.

As for Las Vegas itself, it is the most unnecessary creation of mankind that one could imagine. It is hotter than the gates of Hell, everything is grossly overpriced and the main attraction is the opportunity to give your hard earned money away playing “games” that are not even interesting. On the positive side, there is a lot of booby watching available (which I thoroughly enjoy despite being too old to remember why).

Troy L Robinson

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  • Welcome home, Troy. You have been missed. Texas has been rather busy in your absence. I just looked, and nobody has uploaded any videos of Napolitano or Brook yet. Hopefully, they will be available soon.

    …were there ever a year and a circumstance for getting said ball rolling, this is the time and the situation.

    And, the very fact that Johnson and Weld were the best the LP could come up with for the occasion, tells us all we ever need to know about their future. It seems like it would be infinitely easier to make a libertarian out of a Trump, than to ever make a charismatic showman out of a Johnson. They should have drafted Napolitano.

    Trust your instincts on the eye candy. It means that your memory has not entirely failed your subconscious mind. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Your geriatric voyeurism comment reminds me of an old favorite joke, Troy.

    Picture an old fashioned country store, with narrow aisles and tall shelves. Outside, there is a group of good ol’ boys, swapping lies around the pickle barrel. A man goes into the store, and asks the perky young clerk for a loaf of raisin bread. Since this was not a hot seller, it was kept on the top shelf. The girl slid the ladder over and climbed up to get it. Looking up as she did, the customer noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt.

    On the way out, he told the fellows around the pickle barrel about it. Naturally, one by one, they each went in and ordered a loaf of raisin bread. The poor girl was up and down the ladder, again and again.

    Finally, a little old man totters in, and orders a loaf of bread. She automatically climbed up the ladder, before she realized he had not actually specified raisin bread. She turns around and asks, “Is your raisin, too?” To which he replied, “Nah… but it is twitching! 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Libertarians had a shot with Austin Petersen. They could have had an impact. Sadly their gut instinct was to go with a retread with a losing record. I think Petersen would have generated enough interest to at least make it to the debate stage.

    Booby watching? One of lifes simple pleasures and it doesn’t cost a dime. If I ever forget why just put me six feet under.

  • I went to Vegas for the turn of the the millennium, which was insanity, especially considering no one knew the extent of the Millennium bug. We were half expecting everything to go dark at midnight.

    I’d play an occasional game while I was there, but the real appeal for me was that you could walk around taking in the spectacle of it all. There are events, architecture, exhibits, great food, and booby watching, 24 hours a day. We were there for several days and barely slept. We pretty much just walked and ate and still didn’t see it all.

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