PostHeaderIcon Is ISIS Deliberately Helping Elect Trump?

Today’s attacks in Brussels has to boost Donald Trump and tends to validate most of his anti-Islam statements.

It is clear that the Western world is NOT at war with Islam. It is equally clear that Islam IS at war with the Western world.

Meanwhile, our pseudo-dictator shares cigars with a real dictator, whom he no doubt envies, and otherwise does nothing in support of his own nation or Western culture. It is still not too late to impeach this bastard then charge him with high treason. But then, can that many members of Congress grow testicles that quickly? I doubt it.

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “Is ISIS Deliberately Helping Elect Trump?”

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    He has congress with him.

  • It is way too close to pander season, for congress to even consider the risk of being charged with bigotry, for picking on such a popular African Anti-American, for being treasonous. Besides, they are much too busy impeaching Trump, for being so politically incorrect and unapologetically Pro-American. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    To be honest at this point impeaching Obama would be doing the dems a favor. Republicans would then have to run against an incumbent president Joe Biden. LOL I wrote about that in my sand box a year ago.

  • Let him get elected and watch it hit the fan.

    I think we simply need one LEGAL white-house lawn public hanging and everything else will fall into place. 😉

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