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I love this picture…


…accompanying Sundance’s post: Enough Is Enough – Bobby Jindal Walks Away From #NeverTrump Camp…, which is certainly interesting and thought provoking in its entirety; but there was an intriguing factoid included that I had never encountered before:

With the over-the-top help of the GOPe Generals (#2), Kasich won Ohio; therefore he has to stay in.


Because if Kasich dropped out according to Ohio election law all of his 66 delegates become bound to the second place finisher, Donald Trump.

John Kasich cannot exit the race without helping Donald Trump.  Senator Ted Cruz knows this.  Senator Ted Cruz does not want Governor John Kasich to leave the race because of it. Yet Ted Cruz goes on TV demanding a Kasich exit.

When you accept these fundamental truths, you clearly see, yet again, the GOPe scheme involves Ted Cruz.

The implications of this are fascinating. The GOPe desperately needed Kasich to hang in through Ohio, to try to keep Trump from getting all of its delegates, like he did in Florida. Yet, now he must stay in, to keep Trump from automatically getting another 66 delegates. Obviously ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ still publicly pretends he wants him to drop out… just more disingenuous Kabuki Theater. 🙁

Hmm… that makes me wonder if Kasich is even in a position to bargain with Ohio’s delegates at the convention? Trying to give them to Cruz, might technically be considered dropping out, and trigger the Ohio GOP rule giving them to Trump!

Now, tell me, in the classic picture above, which combatant should I be rooting for? â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Nothing unusual or even surprising. This is how the party system works. It’s party first and last. The party hated Reagan until they couldn’t. I tapped out a prophesy a couple days ago. Just so you know where you heard it first.

  • Chris says:

    Hmm… that makes me wonder if Kasich is even in a position to bargain with Ohio’s delegates at the convention? Trying to give them to Cruz, might technically be considered dropping out, and trigger the Ohio GOP rule giving them to Trump!

    I don’t think it would be relevant. At least after the first vote at the convention. It’s after the first vote that reflects the primary result that the wheeling and dealing begins. The first vote is actually a formality. If someone wins the primary majority they are the nominee. If not let the games begin. Kasichs delegates at that point may become unbound and go wherever they want anyway.

    Even if Kasich were to “drop out” his delegates would still be bound to him. The same as all the other drop outs have used the term “suspending their campaign”. By suspending they keep their delegates but simply signal their supporters that they will no longer be actively campaigning and there’s little use in voting for them. I believe there is actual paperwork that needs to be filed to formally leave the race. Possibly due to the mechanics of either reassigning or releasing delegates.

  • Troy Robinson says:

    Poor America.


  • I am a blogger, not a journalist. I try to ignore obvious BS in the blogosphere; but cannot fact check every assertion I encounter, before daring to comment on another blogger’s content. I have always welcomed thoughtful discussion, informed debate, and clarifying links to better information. Pointless vitriol – not so much.

    Do not fall for this garbage being spewed here.

    Seriously? Whatever prompted such silly scorn from an old friend? Somebody should let Mary know that it appears that she is being impersonated by our old nemesis, Sally. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Dave, don’t judge too harshly. It’s been hell out there for active Cruz supporters the past two days. The hate being spewed by Trump supporters pales anything I have seen from the left. There’s something very bad going on at the big social sites. Sane people I have known for years are over the edge. I dodge and weave and stay out of the fray or just laugh at them but it may impact the way others react to negative news. Trump is self destructing before their eyes and they can’t let it go.

    • Chris, I will reiterate that I am not a Trump supporter, or apologist, and will not vote for him; but I am an avid spectator of the delightful strife he is causing the elites in the right wing of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly, so I make no apologies for being in his cheering section. Unlike all of the sheeple frantically trying to select a righteous shepherd, I really don’t care about Trump’s character, as long as he is intent on overthrowing the oligarchs, in Sodom by the Potomac.

      That said, I will also unapologetically reiterate that I have nothing but disdain for Canadian Born Citizen, and Hypocrite in Chief, Ted Cruz. I reckon that he has earned all the grief befalling him. If he hasn’t observed by now, the absolute folly of attacking Trump on a personal level, he isn’t nearly as clever as he and his minions think he is. If it is somehow actually true that he had no input into the inclusion of the nude picture of Trump’s wife in the ad advocating a vote for Cruz, then he should have disavowed it immediately, and demanded that it be taken down. Now comes the instant Karma…

      Isn’t it a bit duplicitous, to righteously condemn and personally blame Trump, for the violent actions of his staff or supporters, and then attempt to flippantly dismiss unsavory actions of his own sycophants, as having nothing whatever to do with him? Well, Cruz supporters, buckle up… it is about to get even worse.

      Wait until the National Enquirer hits the grocery checkout counters this weekend. It would appear that Teddy has been waving more than his bible around in DC. They claim to have documented at least 5 women he has been illicitly involved with while married to Heidi, which just might explain her bouts of suicidal depression. Yeah, yeah, I know it is easy to dismiss that tabloid; but ask Sen. John Edwards how that worked out for him. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      Steady my friend. I was making no attack. Just passing on an observation of what’s going on out there. It’s not what’s happening to the GOPe. My book they deserve what they get. People are off the hook and it’s escalating. All through what they called the “Arab spring” they said social media was used by protesters to coordinate the protests. By what I’m seeing it was social media that used them.

      As far as who did what and who started it the only way to know is if you know who the players are and what their goal is. We don’t. The master manipulators are at work and their end game doesn’t seem to be just taking down DC elites. Civility is going down the drain.

      As far as the NE article goes, if he did it he did it but the shtick is getting old. You bring up John Edwards. Lets not forget Herman Cain. Probably the one guy that could have taken Obama out in 2012. LOL if the allegation takes Cruz down it would be an exercise in irony. Cruz knocked out on a moral issue in favor of Donald Trump of all people.

      I looked forward to the theater but it’s all taking a an ugly turn that’s concerning. We can gut DC and survive. Gutting civility lets them win.

      • I didn’t take it as an attack, Chris. I was just restating my position on not being a Trump supporter for the record. Your observation regarding the Arab Spring vs. social media is interesting. So is your point about Herman Cain.

        Personally, I don’t see how the NE article could fail to take the bible-thumper down. Three of the five ladies have already been identified by internet sleuths, with their identical pictures now posted un-pixelated. All are well known commentators frequently on cable news, including Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Carly’s assistant campaign manager, and even CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, of all people.

        You know they are going to be asked outright, by the media that provides and/or enables their careers. Will they deny it, if they think NE has evidence? And, Heaven help them if they don’t have the evidence. It would make the Gawker/Hogan trial look like only a warm-up act. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

      • There are several updates on the story here. There are also 2,677 comments to it so far. Many of them very interesting. Talk about a field day! It reminds me of blood in the water with a school of tiger sharks in a feeding frenzy! â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    including Trump’s campaign spokesperson

    Can’t say what’s true and what’s not. I wasn’t there. LOL But what are the odds? I don’t claim to be without indiscretion in my life but there’s one rule hard and fast. You don’t dip your pen in the ink well at the office. There’s plenty far outside your regular circles traveled. Then to trust ANYONE involved in politics???… If Cruz is that stupid he deserves whatever he gets.

    As far as the young lady goes I have seen her in a couple interviews. She’s pretty sharp and ruthless defending Trump. Not one to be played. Her response will be interesting to see. If she plays it like she was the victim of some sort of perv predator I’ll be baffled. If she says yea I just wanted to bang a senator I might believe it. I don’t mean it to sound as though I’m downing her character. I just can’t see her claiming some sort of victim status as most of them do. She’s proven she’s way to sharp for that.

  • brauneyz says:

    Unsubscribing from this hellhole as it’s clogging my inbox. Good riddance.

  • Chris says:

    It would make the Gawker/Hogan trial look like only a warm-up act.

    Funny twist. Out of curiosity I wanted to see the pictures of these ladies you mentioned. I did a google search “national enquirer cruz”. A story on Gawker came up as the top search result. That is Google rewarding bad behavior. Not intentionally but because the Hogan trial has generated so many searches for them that it has elevated their site to top results. They will make back whatever they have to pay Hogan and then some.

    Poking around it seems there are only a couple web sites even mentioning the story. Also it seems one of the ladies have already completely denied any truth to it.

    Shoot! Now I have a new hobby. Trying to figure out how Cruz is so smooth to get that much quality attention. One. OK. Two he’s a player. Five? He’s a freak’in rock star. 🙂

  • Larry Andrew says:

    OMG Dave…Mary is no Sally…whom i had completely forgotten until she surfaced above.

    • Yeah, I know that, Larry. 😀

      It is a moot point now. She has once again left us in a huff, over my disagreeable opinions and general insensitivity. C’est la vie. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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