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…to me. I always celebrate March 9th, because on this date in 1973, was the last time I ever wore a silly necktie. 🙂

Forty-three years ago today, I abandoned my reasonably successful high-tech corporate career in Silicon Valley, to become an entrepreneur. During my farewell speech at my going-away luncheon,  I removed my necktie and gave it to a colleague, promising to never again put such a ridiculous thing around my neck. I have faithfully kept that vow to this day, even though I have occasionally been turned away at fancy restaurants and night clubs. To me, one’s principles are inviolable.  :D  â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Way to go. I’m a jeans and flannel sort myself but have been known to clean up nice on certain rare occasions. My daughters wedding comes to mind. Thing is there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them though.

  • To me, one’s principles are inviolable.

    How quickly one gets kicked in the slats for ignoring or violating “one’s principles” … 🙂

    • Agreed, CT. Of course, refusing to set aside my principles in order to support Canadian Born Citizen Cruz, has of late gotten me in hot water hereabouts, by some of my conservative friends. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        No trouble Dave. Unless you wish to deny a cranky old grouch a bit of amusement from time to time. 🙂

        Release those inhibitions. It’s like a walk in a summer rain. Cruz wouldn’t be an illegal president. He would simply be an undocumented public servant doing a job that a NBC doesn’t want to do. A dreamer if you will. At least he’s not an anchor baby that everybody knows is qualified.

        As you know I don’t disagree with you. I just don’t care any more. Saves me a great deal of kvetching over something that becomes less relevant with every election cycle and court dismissal. There is an up side though. Should Ted Cruz get the nomination we would be treated to the spectacle of progressives actually embracing the constitution like never before. At least on one issue. Well worth the show.

        • LOL… understood. What is actually a shame, is that since he cannot win the office of POTUS anyway, we won’t get to see what would happen if someone in that office actually followed the original Constitution as written. It would be fun holding his feet to that fire, as he started issuing executive orders. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Nancy says:

    My husband looks damn sexy in a tuxedo. You all leave the tie off and women like me will enjoy the sexy men!!!

    • Different strokes for different folks, Nancy. Fortunately, I have never had any difficulty finding rather attractive women all over the world, who didn’t need me to dress up like a penguin, to find me sexually appealing. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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