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I already have a “Ringer on Trump” post; but here is an even better one. In fact it is a brilliant analysis of a Trump vs. Hillary match-up in November, if they both get their Party’s nominations.  It is beautifully written, not too long, and I concur with it 100%. I highly recommend that you go read it in its entirety, so I will only excerpt a few teasers to entice you to do so:

…Bubba is a world class con man, to be sure, but Hilla the Hun is a rank amateur.

In fact, I would have to say that she has less credibility than any politician I can remember — and that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that most politicians hover near zero when it comes to that trait. Surely, Hillary’s handlers must wince every time she opens her mouth — especially when she talks about things like love, kindness, and the “war on women.”

That’s why it’s always puzzled me that so many people seem to believe Hillary is invincible. My take on her is that she is so inherently wicked, so corrupt, so vicious, such an outlandish liar, and such a transparent fraud that anyone short of Ronald McDonald, Mitt Romney, and Mush McCain could KO her with one verbal punch.

Or, how about this:

…Trump haters are placing their hopes on the belief that he’s alienated so many people that it would be impossible for him to get enough electoral votes to win a general election.

I’m not a Trump supporter (I don’t support any politician!), but I must take issue with the foregone conclusion of the Trump-hating crowd. In fact, I’m almost tempted to go so far as to say that the reason Trump might very well win it all is because he alienates so many people.

What media knotheads don’t get is that anti-establishment guys like me would love to see anyone take a wrecking ball to Washington’s Den of Thieves and break up the nonstop party that’s been going on for at least fifty years. That’s why I’m inclined to believe that the more Trump says nasty things, the more likely he is to win over fed-up Republicans, Democrats, and, above all, independents.

Followed by a very astute observation:

Flyover people have finally caught on to the shenanigans of the Washington crime syndicate and now realize that the career politicians and bureaucrats who rule the country lie, steal, and cheat for a living. They also realize that the notion we live in a republic is a myth, because a republic requires a Constitution to defend individual rights.

In this regard, I have to begrudgingly admit that the American people owe a debt of gratitude to the Marxmeister in the White House, because he’s made it crystal clear — through his actions — that the Constitution is irrelevant when it comes to how things operate in Washington’s cauldron of corruption.

Finally, a reason to appreciate the Obamessiah !

So even though I can’t say with certainty that Trump that will win the Republican nomination, I believe the odds are in his favor, because a majority of Republican voters are beyond angry at professional politicians. So angry that they want to hear vicious, nonstop attacks on phony conservatives like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush — guys who have “For Sale” signs hanging around their necks.

Well put.

Finally, what I feel most certain about is that in a head-to-head matchup, Trump would not just win, he’d annihilate Hillary. The lefties on television who keep insisting that the Democrats are hoping and praying Trump will be the nominee are either so brainwashed that they’re delusional or they’re trying to spook Republican primary voters into backing one of the RINOs they believe Hillary has at least some chance of beating.

I’ll go with the latter.

…Trump would still crush her like a bug.

She is so flawed that anything and everything that would come out of her mouth would be a soft pitches for a guy like DT. Early on in the race, he’d have her shrieking like Megyn Kelly and crying like John Boehner.

That’s quite a disgusting combination, but it obviously would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it?

LOL… yes it most certainly would. I am almost inclined to hope Lynch doesn’t prosecute her, for the entertainment value alone. Actually, the public humiliation of being crushed again, by Trump of all people, would probably be far worse punishment than whatever slap on the wrist she might get from the corrupt judiciary.  🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Don’t forget Bill Bennett’s warning that Trump will be assassinated before being allowed in the Oval Office. I do not doubt it in the least. The Clinton machine has long history of silencing its opponents (and even its “friends”) via murder (anybody remember Vince Foster?).

    Actually, Hillary may be just what this country deserves because her bad traits are simply reflective of those of the majority of our so-called ‘citizens” today.


    • America deserves her? Ouch! I thought I was the cynic. 🙂

      I remember the Vince Foster case very well, and the whole long list of dead past associates of these grifters. I doubt that Monica Lewinsky even realizes that she owes her life to her confiding in Linda Tripp and saving the blue dress.

      Yes, I think about Trump’s security when I see him alone on the stage in the middle of a stadium, like in Mississippi the other day. Until he is actually inaugurated, I am not sure I would trust the Secret Service detail either. Can you imagine the conspiracies that would ensue if he were taken out? If one could be proved, I reckon it would spark a new Revolution for sure. Ringer is right… people are really pissed at the establishment already. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    My opinion exactly. Thing is it doesn’t go just for Trump. There are others that wouldn’t mind taking it to Hillary. Fiorina, Christie, Paul or Cruz would like nothing more than to point out any one or all of Hillary’s “shortcomings”. Fiorina would be devastatingly blunt and ever hit would be a gut punch. Christie would be fun to watch. He’s got a pretty quick wit that sometimes seems to come out of nowhere. Cruz would calmly explain the error of her ways and wait for her to defend them then explain the error of her defense. Paul would just keep her confused bouncing from one issue to another. The rest of them would try and possibly even succeed in beating her but it wouldn’t be the righteous smack down she sorely deserves.

    My concern at this point isn’t so much beating Hillary. If a republican can’t win in this cycle we might as well no longer bother. We could leave Obama in and be none the worse. My concern is what type of person that republican is. Each one of those I mentioned has qualities I would like to see in the oval office. To me and while recognizing the various misgivings I find here Cruz best resembles a melding of them all and I think he could harness an inner “Trump” to Trump Hillary every bit as well as Trump himself. He just may say it a little nicer.

    • Well sure, Chris. Ringer acknowledged as much:

      That’s why it’s always puzzled me that so many people seem to believe Hillary is invincible. My take on her is that she is so inherently wicked, so corrupt, so vicious, such an outlandish liar, and such a transparent fraud that anyone short of Ronald McDonald, Mitt Romney, and Mush McCain could KO her with one verbal punch.

      My druthers for the entertainment value would naturally be Fiorina, or as Troy calls her, “Snarly Carly.” Shrieking and sniveling? Carly would have her babbling to herself in tongues. 🙂

      Ringer wasn’t endorsing Trump. He made it clear that it doesn’t support any politician. He was just reacting to the stable of GOPe prognosticators ensconced at Fox News, universally opining that Trump could never win the General election.

      Of course, these are the same intellectual dwarfs who said Donald Trump wasn’t really going to run … Donald Trump had no chance against establishment Republican candidates … Donald Trump’s lead would evaporate before Labor Day … and Donald Trump would go into a death spiral before the end of the year.

      Don’t laugh. Being wrong 100 percent of the time isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but you have to remember that these guys operate in a cloistered little world of their own making and don’t believe that real people exist in flyover places such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

      I reckon overall he made a pretty good case that they are likely still batting 1,000. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        “My druthers for the entertainment value would naturally be Fiorina, or as Troy calls her, “Snarly Carly.” Shrieking and sniveling? Carly would have her babbling to herself in tongues.”

        Only because it would appeal to what may be your slightly sadistic bent. Not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m with ya. 🙂

  • Chris says:

    BTW I urge you to not judge Cruz as too easy going because he won’t roll in the mud during the primary. There’s a reason Huckabee and Carson aren’t winning the Evangelical Christian voters and Cruz is knocking down big pastors endorsements left and right. When the primaries are over the gloves will come off.

    • Yeah, probably, if he is lucky enough for Trump to select him for VP. 😉

      See, here is where we most disagree, Chris. You still think it is important for the GOP to win the election, and that the character of that winner still somehow matters. I have been trying to make the case that the sooner we take Ringer’s “Wrecking Ball” to Washington, and the “Den of Thieves” are cleared out of that “Cauldron of Corruption” entirely, the sooner we can start over. I am no longer the slightest interested in fixing, reforming, or even battling the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly.

      I want to see them vanquished and eradicated. The sooner the better, and I am not much interested in the happenings in ‘Sodom by the Potomac’ in the interim. I am certainly unconcerned with what the clueless sheeple might think of the Republican wing, because of their choice of candidate for POTUS. I reckon we need to eliminate elections entirely, not try to win them.

      Electoral politics is exactly what is wrong with this country, not its salvation. Cruz having to run around “knocking down big pastor’s endorsements,” and Trump having to stand and gratefully take their bizarre ‘laying on of hands,’ until the Primary season is over, is deplorable beyond words to me. How is that any different than the Dems running around pandering to the ghettos, race pimps, union bosses, and Hollywood elites?

      This BS must stop; but it never will if we continue to legitimize the oligarch’s scam, by voting for the least objectionable candidate they put on the ballet, and hoping for a better one next time. Well, at my age, I am rapidly running out of ‘next times.’ Don’t Vote… it just encourages the bastards! â—„Daveâ–º

  • Larry andrew says:

    Exactly what we need. An evangelical as president whom we expect to protect us from government taking away our individual rights and freedoms. Might as well elect the pope. At least he has some degree of humility as he orders us to eat fish or whatever is the dogma of the day.

  • Chris says:

    As I said Larry I recognize the misgivings some have for Cruz here for many different reasons. There’s little I could say to assure you that Mr. Cruz is the last choice in the field that would look to take away any of your rights. Unless your looking to have a late term abortion at the corner pharmacy. I’m guessing you don’t really need that. Now Trump on the other hand? How much personal property do you suppose he has acquired using the club wielded by government? Or you could try and get your legally carried firearm from Pennsylvania through Christie’s NJ and NY to Vermont which is the next place you can legally possess it. Hope you don’t get stopped with a tail light out. As liberty goes there is probably only one candidate that has been more vocal than Cruz and that’s Paul. The other baggage he brings with him is why he’s where he is.

    Well I said I wasn’t going to try and convince you then I started typing. I guess I lied. Thing is the Christian base is a voting block that no republican can ignore. Heck even Trump has to stand up and voice his piety for votes and claim the bible is his favorite book. Seriously?

  • Chris says:

    LOL sorry about putting up a link to Facebook but Ya gotta see this.

    • Damn it, Chris… I hate that taste in my mouth! At least I didn’t get it in my keyboard. 🙂

      I couldn’t get it to play on Facebook (probably because I refused to log in for them); but I found it here:
      The caption by the YouTube poster was:

      An odd mishmash of religious hooligans gather together in a steaming pile of ecumenical syncretism to anoint Donald Trump in prayer and blessings – a guy who doesn’t know if he “has ever asked God for forgiveness.” This is a real #facepalm moment for American evangelicalism…

      No, it was the ultimate #facepalm moment for the Donald. Talk about pandering… how utterly embarrassing it must have been to have to stand there and take that. I am not sure what the prize would have to be, for me to humiliate myself that way, especially when the jerk put his hand on his face, but it (or she) would have to be a lot more desirable than the office of POTUS! 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😉

        • Talk about sadistic… 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

          • OK… that rips it. You win, Chris… I give up… I can’t take any more of this abuse of my taste-buds. 😉

            The double headline on Drudge said: “Donald to speak at Liberty U…” & “FALWELL JR: ‘Reminds me of my father‘…”

            Really? The thing is, I despised Jerry Falwell. I never did care for the smarmy character; but after 9/11, when he and Pat Robertson were discussing how God had removed his protection from our country, because of our tolerance of gays, I never listened to another word he said. As soon as I would see his fat face on the screen, I would change the channel before he could open his disgusting pie hole. Now, I probably won’t be able to look at Trump, without thinking of Falwell, and he’s about the last thing I want to think about. Yuck! 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          LOL I’m sorry to have brought it up…..NOT! I have to tell you when I watched the video posted above I was laughing. Great theater for sure. Myself being a person of faith treat such displays as quite unnecessary. Not to mention pretty silly. But of course I’m Catholic. One of the crazy heretics with all the weird stuff going on. psssssst. Don’t tell anybody. Most of us in the US don’t believe all that stuff. Yeaaaaa pray all ya want just give me space and don’t touch me. I got this myself.

          The fact is for a republican to win they have to play to the moral right. Democrats have the luxury of not having to bother because a large portion of their constituency to put it kindly place less weight on traditional personal virtue. You need only look at their lead candidate to realize that.

          I for the most part give people a pass when I hear them say things like “we need to return to God to save the country”. When you break it down our system of government was designed to work for an honest and just population with values and integrity. The founders even eluded to that fact. It simply boils down to where or how an individual derives their sense of integrity. I read it as people have to become decent again. That doesn’t mean they think the country should be run by religious law. It means they want it run by decent moral and just people.

          Well I guess that’s enough. I don’t want to wear out my welcome. 🙂

  • Chris says:

    Oh and BTW ANY pastor or minister that uses God to enrich themselves and promote their own fame such as Fallwell, or any other televangelist deserves neither a pulpit or congregation. I have a great disdain for most Italian suit ministers.

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