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Why are contumacious politicians, actually willing to speak up with straight talk and unvarnished truths, too often ex-congressmen? Enjoy the brief rant:



Me too. I reckon the First Amendment guarantees my right to speak of my well-considered prejudices, and thoughtfully say aloud:

  • Does advocating violence against savage Jihadists, who regularly decapitate or otherwise slaughter non-believers, offend you Ms. Lynch?
  • Try this: Jihadists are low-life vermin and need to be summarily eradicated as such, without mercy, wherever found.
  • I utterly despise them, and given the opportunity, I would gladly dispatch them into martyrdom myself, with unrestrained glee.
  • Islam is much more than a religious faith; it is a rigid ideology and system of government.
  • Islam by nature is unqualified evil, because it foments Sharia law and spawns barbaric Jihadists.
  • Sharia law is incompatible with Western civilization, our Constitution, and our cultural values.
  • Sharia law must never be permitted a legal foothold in America, and must never be given deference in our courts.
  • All Jihadists are Muslims; but not all Muslims are Jihadists… yet.
  • Those Muslims who give aid, comfort, and/or support to Jihadists, should themselves be considered and treated as Jihadists.
  • All apologists for Jihadists, Muslim or not, are just as despicable and deserve the same fate as they do.
  • So-called ‘moderate’ Muslims, honestly wishing to fully assimilate into our culture, should be welcomed.
  • Those Muslims who practice and/or advocate Sharia law, however, are overtly irrational, illiberal, and likely to approve of Jihad.
  • This makes them intrinsically suspect, as potential dangers to our safety and culture, now or in the future.
  • Thus, any Muslim publicly proclaiming their adherence to Sharia law, should be ‘profiled’ and watched very closely.
  • Muslim men sporting the odd combination of unkempt beards with short trimmed mustaches, are complying with Sharia law.
  • Muslim women wearing a hijab (head scarf), or a burka (tent), are complying with Sharia law.

As a vigilant citizen, I will immediately report any suspicious behavior by these easily profiled suspects to your FBI, Ms. Lynch. The question is, will they have orders to then investigate them… or me? After all, as a patriotic, Liberty-loving, veteran, white male, I come much closer to fitting your profile of a threat to you elitists than they do.  You Federal fools disgust me… Regime change in D.C. can’t come fast enough. :(  â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Jerry Elkins says:

    Excellent Troy. Problem with muslims. All muslims will lie to achieve their goal. Example the one in the White House. Another problem. Very hard to tell the difference between so called moderate muslims and radical muslims. They simple do not blend into Western society. They bring their cesspool way of life.

  • Troy says:

    Another great post. Can you imagine someone in the administration trying to protect Nazis during WWII? They would have been tarred, feathered and driven out of town on a rail. Then the REAL punishment would have begun.

    For my part, I am sick of hearing about all these “peaceful Muslims” whose “rights” must be protected. I agree that not all Muslims practice jihad. But, lack of overt practice does not mean disagreement.

    Show me a large number of Muslims openly and loudly demanding an Islamic reformation, and I might be willing to listen. Until then, no way. Their very claim of allegiance to Islamic beliefs makes them guilty until proven innocent in my eyes. Indeed, I propose that as the standard under which we deny almost all Muslims entry into the country.

    In any other time or place, what is happening now would be taken to be a joke. A wave of “refugees” that is 80% military aged males? An American administration that can’t recognize the existence of Islamic terroristism? A connection between jihad and global climate change?

    Why am I not laughing?


    • Agreed, Troy. (I deleted the duplicate comment.) I think the point I made about profiling beards and hijabs is an important one. ‘Lying’ or not, as suggested by Jerry, clean-shaven men and bareheaded women wearing Western clothing styles, appear to at least be trying to assimilate into our culture, not ram their irrational beliefs down our throats. I personally have some Muslim friends who are horrified and terribly embarrassed by Jihadists, so I know they do exist. â—„Daveâ–º


    Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday appeared to recalibrate remarks she made last week that suggested the Justice Department could investigate speech deemed hostile towards Muslims.

    “Of course, we prosecute deeds and not words,” she said at a press conference Monday…

    I thought so. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    About the most absurd thing I have ever heard a “public servant” say. I agree with you 100% Dave. They can come and get me.

    Yes there are “moderate Muslims”. Those who merely want to go about their lives but still there is a level of complicity that even from these folks is disturbing. I prefer to think these folks in a catch 22. They don’t condone violent jihad but will not speak out against a fellow Muslim about it. Whether out of a belief that they must always at least be loyal to Brother Muslims or fear of being labeled an apostate for hindering Jihad. There was something GWB said right after 9/11 that may have had more meaning than appeared. He said “your either with us or against us”. He may not have been talking just to foreign governments.

    As Troy alluded to, until there is a strong Islamic reformation movement within Islam there is no “Moderate Muslim” resistance to Islamic Jihad.

    • As for the Catch 22, I suspect it is more the later fear of the death penalty than the former solidarity, Chris.

      Consider an analogy. You are a faithful Presbyterian, who goes to Church fairly often and considers yourself to be a good Christian like the rest of your family, friends, and neighbors. You have no difficulty ignoring all of the odd ancient laws and customs delineated in the Old Testament, along with the myriad atrocities committed in the name of your God at the behest of his designated prophet Moses. That was ‘old law’ from ancient times, which is not practiced today, and certainly does not conform to what you were taught about your religion while growing up in it. To you, Christianity truly is about peace, love, and devotion to Jesus. Your natural reaction to anyone claiming the bible sanctions or requires violence against non-believers would be to say they are ‘misinterpreting’ it. There is nothing hateful about your religion.

      You don’t even read the bible, except occasionally in Sunday school, so these conundrums and incongruities don’t even come up in your daily life. That life does not revolve around your religious beliefs, which are more ancillary than fundamental to your existence. You are a Christian because that was how you were raised. You take it for granted, without the slightest need to examine your beliefs or critically compare your religion to others.

      Now, you have heard about some of the more fundamentalist sects of Christianity, who insist on taking the Bible literally, eschew modern dress, consider it pious to speak to each other in 16th century English (thee, thou, art, etc.), and rudely go about pestering their neighbors to attend their church. They get rather judgmental against those who do not conform to their model of the world, to the point of sometimes being an embarrassment to you and your own faith. Still, you experience no compunction whatever, to try to reform their outdated fundamentalism; you would as soon get on with your own life and simply ignore theirs.

      That works well until some cult like the Westboro Baptists start acting outrageous and the anti-Christian forces begin using their reprehensible behavior to condemn all Christians. You have little choice but to try to explain that their beliefs are extreme and in the minority. Your understanding of Christianity is the correct interpretation of the Gospel, and these kooks are ‘hijacking a wonderful religion of peace and love’ with their hateful rhetoric and unruly demonstrations.

      Now, consider what would happen if they turned violent, started doing suicide bombings, mass shootings, and issuing ‘fatwas’ against any ‘apostate’ Christians who did not conform to their interpretation of Christianity. If public condemnation of them elicited serious death threats to you and/or your family, would you risk it? Why bother?

      I submit that only those who take their religion rather seriously, would find any compunction to defend it publicly against irrational, suicidal, marauding, fundamentalists. Only those whose beliefs require them to publicly identify themselves by their clothing or grooming choices, really need worry about what others might think of them because of their religion.

      Were I a ‘moderate’ Muslim, assimilated enough into American culture to dress and behave like an American, I think I would keep my religion to myself, as most Americans do. Were I a moderate Christian, and the Westboro Baptists went all Jihadi on us, I suspect I would do the same. Why ever would it be my job to try to drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century?

      Now, I would be most intolerant, and likely inclined to join the cause of summarily eradicating both types of irrational religious ‘jihadists,’ before they did any more mayhem; but probably wouldn’t be much interested in ‘reforming’ either one, especially if it put my family at risk. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        I understand your point Dave but there is one difference. Muslims tend to lean toward killing other religions, but they have also been killing other Muslims for 1,400 years. The “moderate Muslims” who immigrate here probably kind of like their western life which would be changed for them as much as non Muslims. Islamists have no problem taking out anybody that doesn’t tow the line. If there truly are westernized “moderate Muslims” they are already in as much trouble as the rest of us. That demands action.

        As far as groups like Westboro Baptist Christians have done all that’s necessary to shut them down. If they started to actually grow in popularity more would be done. They’re almost as crazy as a jihadist.

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