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While reading some of the White House’s spin to desperately try deflecting any responsibility for the San Bernardino Jihadist’s successful terrorist attack, meanwhile simultaneously railing about the need for more gun-control, it occurred to me that it was time to once again recycle a letter to the editor that I wrote over 20 years ago.

First let me make the point that their insistence that these Jihadists were ‘home grown’ and not members, or under the direction of ISIS or other Jihadist NGO, is to me a distinction without a difference. I suspect their 35 dead and injured victims, and their loved ones, don’t much care either. Puzzling over their ‘motive’ is patently ridiculous. They were Jihadists doing what most irrational Jihadists are anxious to do. Terrorizing and slaughtering infidels while dying for the glory of Allah, to earn the promised rewards for ‘martyrdom’ in their hereafter.  Those unable to immediately grasp that, are willfully blind, ignorant, stupid, or lying through their teeth.

LOL! I just had a wicked thought. I wonder what their sex life will be like in Heaven. Will they each have their own individual 73 person orgies, or would it be one big 146 person wife-swapping party? Then, it would seem that by now Allah should have a much larger supply of virgin men for his martyred bride Malik, than virgin women for her cuckold. Also, her virgins would obviously be young, virile, military aged men, while by now Allah is probably scraping the bottom of the virgin barrel and only has elderly nuns and wrinkled old maids left for him. I’m guessing by now Farooq realizes he made a huge mistake, and would have enjoyed better sex if he had stayed on Earth with his once-faithful young bride. 🙂

Anyway, there are a lot of politicians, sheriffs, and even an university president currently advocating Americans prudently arm themselves for self-defense against Jihadists. In “Urban Varmints,” I also advocated rational armed self-defense, rather than cowering in fear while waiting for the government to come to the rescue, from the scourge of urban gangs. I used the analogy of snakes as often harmless; but those displaying the ‘gang colors’ of a rattlesnake, were deadly and not to be trusted. Plug Muslims into the snakes category, and easily profiled Sharia compliant Jihadists into the rattlesnake variety of such, and my 20-year-old missive could be republished as current. â—„Daveâ–º

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