PostHeaderIcon Why This Sudden Burst of Activity?

As one can easily tell from the dates on the articles I have posted here, I have pretty much stopped contributing due to the obvious lack of interest.

Now, quite suddenly, this burst of comments, mostly on rather old articles. Why the sudden interest (or, if not interest, then why the sudden burst of activity)?


3 Responses to “Why This Sudden Burst of Activity?”

  • It is a stream of spam coming from Facebook, Troy. I have been deleting it all morning. Perhaps the Askimet anti-spam plug-in is on the fritz. How have you been? St. J9? â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Not sure how you get spam from FB but it’s like the flood gates opened on Tspeak. Thing is it’s legitimate hits from links I have posted there so it’s not spam to me. It’s like FB actually decided to post my links to people without me paying. Anyway I like the traffic. $$$

    And yes. How is everyone? I’m always glad to get notification of a new post here. It fills an intellectual void.

  • Yes, Chris; every single spam comment yesterday came from FB, and there were a couple dozen of them. First time I ever noticed that. I haven’t logged on there for several years, so I have no idea what is happening thereabouts.

    I am doing rather well for an old fart who just turned 70 a couple of months ago. How about you and yours? It has now been almost two years since I quit smoking and eating carbohydrate based meals. I feel healthier than I have in many years.

    Your “intellectual void” remark is timely. One of the small rewards for having to cleanup the occasional spam that gets through here, is it provides the impetus to reread something I posted several years ago, and often a very long comment section to go with it. When I do, I am struck by what great intellectual discussions we often used to have here. I would really enjoy rekindling such enjoyable discourse; but I have completely given up on the Incumbrepublocrat Kabuki Theater this season. Can you think of something else more worthy of debate? â—„Daveâ–º

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