PostHeaderIcon Goodbye to the First Amendment

Pat is spot on again:


41% and growing… time will tell. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy says:

    Pat is very articulate and invariably correct, and I enjoy his videos. However, as you well know, it is over for this round. Progressivism has won. Of course, it will soon fail because it is unworkable without we smucks around to continue to produce. But, that too is ending. What happens next will be up to another generation to decide, not ours. Sad fact is, we had our shot and we failed. Of course, not your or me or the good folk who follow this blog but the majority of our generation. While we were so busy doing what we truly thought was helping advance humanity (in my case, exploring space and expanding the envelope of digital technology), another war was being waged that we failed to notice until it was already too late.

    RIP American Republic.


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