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Those conservatives who are inclined to dismiss Rand Paul as naive or insane regarding foreign policy, really ought to read and honestly ponder the 1963 essay, “War, Peace, and the State” by Murray N. Rothbard. I found it profound and most thought-provoking. As an example, one passage that really threw a monkey wrench in my patriotic thinking gears was:

“It has always been a source of wonder, incidentally, to this writer how the same conservatives who denounce as lunatic any proposal for eliminating a monopoly of violence over a given territory and thus leaving private individuals without an overlord, should be equally insistent upon leaving States without an overlord to settle disputes between them. The former is always denounced as “crackpot anarchism”; the latter is hailed as preserving independence and “national sovereignty” from “world government.” -Murray N. Rothbard

If you read it, let me know how it struck you… â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Troy says:

    Predictably, as the true Rand Paul seems to emerge, I like him more while the establishment are ever more determined to destroy him.

    The 2016 coronation has already shaped up to be a contest between two imperial American families. No matter which wins, we lose.


  • Troy says:

    As to the article in question — similar questions and concerns have come up on the 3 Reason Foundation (Libertarian) cruises Saint J9 and I have participated in. We collectively admit that Libertarianism has a fatal flaw — no true libertarian wants to dictate to others how to conduct their lives. For that simple reason alone, we lack the will to dominate in American politics because that is predicated on dominating the minds and hearts of others.


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