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Try as I might, I just cannot permanently stay quiet. Its like a pressure builds up in me such that I have to give it vent by speaking (or, in this case, writing) out. Sorry about that.

There is currently much yapping going on the media regarding the Obamanation’s refusal to use such terms as “radical Islam” in conjunction with the ongoing terrorist activities that are spreading like wildfire. The administration would evidently have us believe that a relatively few really bad guys commit these atrocities while falsely claiming to be Muslim, when, in fact, they have nothing whatever to do with the “religion of peace”. A lie so blatant as to be funny, were the consequences not so grave.

Yet, this is not the misnaming I wish to highlight. Instead, I feel that someone MUST bring the obvious into the cold light of truth.

Allow me to begin by offering two definitions, both taken from Yahoo Dictionary:



1. One who betrays one’s country, a cause, especially one who commits treason. (emphasis added by me.)



1. The betrayal of allegiance toward one’s own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it or aiding its enemies in committing such acts. (emphasis added by me.)
2. The betrayal of someones trust or confidence.

You may rightly be wondering by now, what can this fool be leading up to? Simply this. Our president is, by the above definitions, a traitor and guilty of treason. Among other treasonous acts, he has:

1. Released high-ranking enemy commanders, knowing they will likely return to the fight against us. The most spectacular of these acts was the release of 5 top Taliban commanders from the prison at Guantanamo in exchange for a soldier who almost certainly deserted his unit during wartime operations – another obvious act of treason.
2. Withdrawn our victorious military from Iraq at a time, and in such a fashion, as to guarantee the collapse of the government there.
3. Promised to do the same in Afghanistan.
4. Done everything in his power to avoid meaningful attacks on ISIS/ISIL, despite their obvious barbarity and their promise to make direct war on the United States.
5. Done everything in his power to ensure Iran successfully develops and deploys nuclear weapons.
6. Essentially ignored the growing threat to world peace posed by the Russian dictator.
7. Trampled the Constitution he swore to protect and defend.

In the above list, item 1 alone constitutes treason because there is no way to explain how such an act fails to give aid and comfort to the enemy. In a word, it is sufficient for Congress to demand severe punishment. Please remember that treason is the only crime defined in our Constitution.

Why then is there no outcry from the media (including Fox)? Why then is there no outcry from the Congress? Why then is there no outcry from any power base? Simple again. The whole useless lot of them either share the Obamanation’s guilt -or- they are so afraid of him that they are hardly more use than a bowl of quivering Jello. Mostly because any attempt to spotlight his crimes, whether treasonous or Constitutional violations, will open them to the deadly charge of racism. Better that the world’s greatest Republic be absolutely destroyed than that one of these precious idiots be labeled racist!

And, do not expect anything to change because the Republicans are back in control of the entire Congress. The only thing we can really look forward to from that quarter is that social legislation, particularly as affects anti-abortion and “family values” will get a new shot of energy.

The high point of my life is that I was privileged to live in these United States during our finest days. The low point is that I may well live long enough to see it all destroyed.

Where are the patriots that once made this Republic great? Why don’t they step forward and offer themselves for election? A believable patriot that could inspire our people could win the coming presidential election in history’s greatest landslide. If only.

Instead, we can look forward to a battle between liars and losers with it making very little difference which one prevails.

Worse yet, when the final collapse begins, most of us will wail that we had no idea such things were happening.

This nation was designed to be self-governing. That is to say, a nation governed by the combined will of its citizens. If we, the “self-governors” refuse to educate ourselves, refuse inform ourselves, refuse to be meaningfully involved in the governance of our nation, the current mess we are in seems an inevitable outcome.

For the moment, most of us seem to be (literally) fat, dumb and happy. However, not much further down the current road will find us starving, dumb and enslaved. Notice that “dumb” is the constant in this equation.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

15 Responses to “Calling Things What They Are”

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    There are some good democrats, republicans, and libertarians, that would make good presidents Troy. However under our system they cannot get elected. Mitt Romney would have won the last election (my opinion) if he would have gotten his hand dirty like Obama. But he was above that and still is. Lets hope there is a sleeper in the republican party that will step up to the plate and take on the RINO’s and the democrats that will only vote for free stuff. Another Obama type president for another four years would doom America as we know it. Two more under the gay islamic muslim is bad enough. I don’t want to see a RINO. Bush, Clinton, or a fraud as president. We need more than someone that can campaign well. We need a man or woman of integrity. A true American from the core. Not a fraud in every way like Obama. My question. Why do educated congressmen and women still support the most incompetent president this country will ever elect (twice) after seeing with their own eyes what he has done and is continuing to do?

    • Nancy Paulson says:

      So right Jerry. We have to have a new face with courage and a population that will support change.

    • Troy says:

      For my part, I think the problem is with the electors, not the candidates. A nation that would even consider, much less elect, the likes of Obama has a very serious ignorance problem.


  • Nancy Paulson says:

    Troy is absolutely right!! Could not have been said better. What a shame things havr been allowed to go this far. My greatest fear is there is no end in sight.

  • Chris says:

    It is fear. Nothing but. You see Ferguson was nothing but a demonstration. A thinly veiled threat. Were anything meaningful to be done to Obama the hounds of hell would be released on every city and town in the union and military and LEO’s would be told to stand down as they were in Ferguson. Remember the civilian army Obama talked about years ago? We all thought it was going to be government agencies like Homeland Security. It’s not. It’s sprung from Obama’s roots as community organizer. It’s organizations like New Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Occupy whatever and many more. All well financed and ready to mobilize at the drop of a hat or any “gentle giant”. They fear the backlash and assured chaos that would ensue. Think Arab spring and how well that worked out. Thousands would die and the economy and infrastructure would be in total shambles. America would not survive.
    On the up side spring is only 49 days away. Or not.

    • Troy says:

      As usual, you are correct. The question before us is a simple one. Do we stand up for what we know to be right, knowing and prepared to face the consequences –OR– do we continue to hide our collective heads in the sand knowing that the end will be serfdom (and worse) for most of us?

      Tragically, it seems that most of those we have chosen to be our “leaders” have taken the position that, knowing not what to do about the situation and fearing for themselves, they see it better to grab what perks they can for however long the game goes on.

      IMHO, cowardice has never led to freedom and prosperity and it never will. We have allowed an underclass to grow among us until it now has real power — but it is the power to destroy, not to progress. For this reason, we have no choice but to confront or to surrender.

      Let me once again try to make clear that I am not talking about racial strife, however much it may seem so. NO, this is a clash of cultures with people of all creeds and colors on both sides of the issue.


  • Troy says:

    It seems that others are starting to see things more-or-less as I do. Please read

  • Troy says:

    I am pretty certain that the Obmanation is not a Kenyon. Instead, I think he is the child of Frank Marshall Davis. As to his being a homo, what evidence do you have?

    For my part, given what the Obamanation has done to fellow Blacks in this country as well as to fellow Muslims all over the place, I do not see him lacking in ruthless instincts.


    • I tend to agree that Davis was probably his real daddy; but he proudly claims his namesake, who is a Kenyon Muslim, and wrote a book about it. He uses that and his upbringing by his Muslim stepfather in Indonesia for his street cred in the Muslim world. It just wouldn’t do to admit his real parents were probably Marxist atheists. 🙂

      As for his homosexuality, the anecdotal evidence is just overwhelming. Surely you have heard of the Larry Sinclair affair? How about Reggie Love? His exploits in the gay bars and bathhouses of Chicago have been reported by the likes of Jerome Corsi and Wayne Marsden, et al. Rev. Wright is said to have arranged his marriage with Michelle as a ‘beard’ for his political ambitions, as he has done for other gay politicians in his “Low Down Club.”

      Kevin DuJan is an ‘out & proud’ gay conservative who has the well known “Hill Buzz” blog. If just 5% of the information available at:

      is accurate, Barry is queer as a three dollar bill. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how do these:

      … (especially the one with his college roommate on the couch) say to you? Yeah, me too. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Troy says:

        OK – seems you must be correct. Fact is, the Obamanation’s sex life just fails to interest me as much as his treason and the damage he is doing to our Republic. I would be more than pleased if he simply disappeared to some deserted island with however many gay lovers he cares to take along.


        • Oh, I agree! It just irritates me that most of this information was known well before he was ever elected to POTUS. Larry Sinclair even held a news conference at the National Press Club in 2008, yet the media, including FOX, wouldn’t touch it. They would rather allow a wuss who could be easily blackmailed by our foreign enemies to be elected, than face the wrath of the gay or black communities. It is pathetic, really. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Further on Mullah Hussein Obama’s chances of leading an Arab Caliphate:

    “The Arab world is incredibly racist,” explained a U.S. intelligence official. “They don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.”

    What do you reckon they really think of African-American mulatto Black-Muslim wannabes? â—„Daveâ–º

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