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As those of you who still bother to follow this blog well know, I was once one of the most active contributors. But, no more. Why? Is it because I have nothing more to say? Is it because there is nothing new to say? Is it because I am becoming too senile to express myself? Perhaps a little of these.

Mostly, I am pretty quiet these days because my level of disgust with my fellow citizens is becoming so great that I have trouble expressing myself in socially-acceptable language.

It is so very hard to sit by quietly while we literally fritter away the most prosperous, most individually free nation that the earth has ever known. And why? In the main because we have, as a people, become worthless. To the extent that it is increasingly hard to justify the space that we occupy and the resources we squander.

Does this seem a bit harsh? If you don’t bother to think, I’m sure it does. But, if you make just the slightest scratch upon the surface of our reality, it actually might seem a bit mild if not understated.

Just what am I talking about, some of you may be wondering by this point… what can have put this doddering old fool on such a rant? The answer is ever so simple – I simply pay attention to the world around me and actually try to process what I am seeing. And, what I see and understand disgusts me.

For instance, I regularly watch Bill O’Reilly on TV. At least weekly he has a segment called Watters’ World where a young reporter named Jesse Watters goes out and interviews “normal” individuals about the issues of the day. In almost all cases, the individuals in question are dumber than rocks. They don’t know anything! And worst yet, many of them are proud of their ignorance and laugh about it as well. So do most of the show’s audience.

Sorry but this sickens me. How can anyone find humor in the fact that so many of our people know nothing about our history, nothing about our government, nothing about our economy, nothing about world events… while these are the very people who are expected to go to the polls and select those who will lead us onto better paths. And we dare to wonder why so many sorry bums get elected and re-elected!

We are quickly approaching another election in which several national seats (for the Senate and the House) will be decided by voter fraud of various types (ballot box stuffing, illegal votes by the dead and by non-citizens, multiple votes, etc.). And there is NO national outcry! NO demand that those who won by fraud be made to give up their seats. NO demand that the guilty be sent off to prison. Indeed, our federal Justice Department actually fights against the few attempts at reform by some of the States!

Meanwhile, our president seems to be begging to be impeached through constant lying, blatant refusal to obey the constitution, the Congress or orders from the Courts, ruling by decree, making decision after decision that is harmful to the nation.

The conduct of foreign affairs is such that the administration – or, at least the president – might actually be convicted of high treason should our representatives and justices somehow magically develop some sense of honor, duty, loyalty and the backbone to assert them.

This last may seem especially harsh until one analyzes the totality of our foreign policy, especially as regards Islam and jihad. So many of the actions taken seem downright impossible to explain until one asks the simple question “what if they/he are/is on the other side”. Then things suddenly make perfect sense in the most frightening way. Yet again, there is no outcry, Even FOX, which is, otherwise somewhat more critical of the administration than the rest of the media, seem blind to this obvious possibility. And, well they should be if they want to continue broadcasting.

(One may well wonder how I think I can get by with such observations? It is simply because nobody cares what I have to say and there may be more value in letting folks like me make apparent fools of ourselves.)

In summary, our society, in general, has become so corrupt, so greedy, so stupid, so lazy and so individually self-focused that our continued existence is somewhat amazing.

So, I rave on foolishly while far to many of my peers sit there (very) fat, (very) dumb and (somewhat) happy while our once-great nation slowly fades away. Thankfully, none of us will live to see what history has to say about our folly. I somehow doubt it will “do us proud”.

Think about it,

Troy L Robinson

5 Responses to “Here I Go Again – But Why?”

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    I agree Troy. Nurse Ebola and President Ebola are openly defying common sense. Hey. I know. Congress should have another hearing. Or they could ask anyone over forty. Is Obama a muslim? Yes. Is he gay? Yes. Is his “wife” actually a man. Yes. Is he “one of them”? Yes. He said so himself.

  • Chris says:

    Troy, Your not alone. I stay a little active but even Tspeak has died. People are weary of the battle. I will watch next weeks election for signs of life but if there is none it’s time to fold my hand and just live out the rest of my life silently as best I can. Not worrying about what comes because whatever it is will be deserved. They can’t hurt me any more save inferior health care that will shorten my already destined to be less than stellar existence. Hey it was a good ride though up until the new millennia wasn’t it? My first 45 were a good time to be alive. 🙂

  • Fran Terhune says:

    Troy, thank you so much for putting your facts and opinions on your blog for us to digest. You articulate so well. I respect your opinion…..I only wish I could express in like words the deep despair I/we are feeling about the condition of our great country! Sadly, we deserve the circumstances we find ourselves in. As you so aptly stated…we are a fat lazy, nation. Again, thank you, thank you!

  • Linda Day says:

    you hit the nail on the head. Our kids are being in doctrinated in Islam under the guise of History,we are called bigots if we say anything against Muslims. It is workplace violence rather than terrorist attacks. Yet the country just sits here with their hands out waiting for their monthly dole. One can hope that the American spirit is still alive and will show back up on Tuesday.

  • Chris says:

    Maybe we aren’t dead yet. It may be just a passing thing but what happened last night gave me a good feeling. Maybe that’s all it is.

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