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(As promised (threatened?) in a previous article, I intend to submit a number of proposed amendments to our Constitution that, in my own judgment, would help restore a Constitutional Republic in our nation. Some of these are my own, some are based on Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments and some have been suggested by others).

Repeal of the 23rd Amendment

The 23rd amendment the the United States Constitution is hereby repealed. All legislation and regulation implemented under the authority of the 23rd amendment is likewise rendered null and void.

The 23rd amendment was implemented to give residents of the District of Columbia, the seat of our Federal Government, much of the level of participation in the Federal Government that is given to citizens of the several States.

The District of Columbia is, in obvious fact, NOT a sovereign State and attempts to treat it as such work to the detriment of the legitimate States. For the purposes intended by the original amendment, after ratification of this amendment, the District of Columbia will be considered to be part of the sovereign State of Maryland, as was originally the case.

Please offer constructive comments as you see fit.

Troy L Robinson

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