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(As promised (threatened?) in a previous article, I intend to submit a number of proposed amendments to our Constitution that, in my own judgment, would help restore a Constitutional Republic in our nation. Some of these are my own, some are based on Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments and some have been suggested by others).

Repeal of the 14th Amendment

The 14th amendment the the United States Constitution is hereby repealed. All legislation and regulation implemented under the authority of the 14th amendment is likewise rendered null and void.

The 14th amendment was implemented to address the treatment of newly freed slaves and well as those persons held to have been engaged in insurrection against the United States (that is, those who fought on the side of the late Confederacy).

The conditions intended to be addressed by the 14th amendment have long ceased to exist yet some of its provisions are used to this day to the disadvantage of the Republic and contrary to its original intent.

Please offer constructive comments as you see fit.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Chris says:

    The only purpose the 14th now serves is to grant citizenship to the children (anchor babies)of non-citizen residents legal or otherwise. This was a flawed amendment from the beginning. There is nobody alive today that the original intent was meant to effect. It should have been implemented with either a sunset on it’s provisions or not implemented at all. The desired result could have been achieved thru carefully crafted statutory law.

    Given the level of response to this amendment I’m guessing I have said more than needed. This solves 1/2 our illegal immigration problem and a large portion of our social assistance budgeting.

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