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According to recent news, the DHS (Department of Homeland Subjugation) is planning to extend ”trusted Traveler” status to Saudi Arabians.


No, I am not joking. Agents from an extremist nation that funds international Islamic terrorism, that supplied 15 of the 19 terrorists who planned and executed the massive attack on September 11, 2001, will soon be allowed to put their citizens on a “fast track” for entering the United States.

Per the cited report: ”Foreign nationals enrolled in the program can enter the country with almost no effort. When they arrive at an international airport, so long as they provide a passport and fingerprints, they can bypass customs entirely.”

Meanwhile, TSA (a part of DHS) continues to harass our own citizens, subjecting them to humiliation, gross invasions of privacy, intimidation, etc. In essence, the implication of this new policy is that most Saudi Arabian citizens are more trustworthy and more deserving of respectful treatment than are most citizens of the United States.

How could such a thing be contemplated, much less actually implemented? Is there any relationship between this latest outrage and the one several years ago where our so-called “president” was caught on camera bowing to and kissing the ring of the king of Saudi Arabia? The same so-called “president” who recited the Islamic Call To prayer in perfect Arabic then went on to say that it is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth”.

It is a well known fact that Barack Hussein Obama was a practicing Muslim. There is no evidence known to me that he has ever renounced his Muslim faith.

I realize that the United States has a long and honorable tradition of religious tolerance. However, I also know that all officers of our government swear a solemn oath to protect and defend our Constitution. I further know that it is against the laws of the United States to advocate (much less attempt) the violent overthrow of our government.

The active practice of Islam requires the practitioner to work to establish Islam and Sharia law in all nations inhabited by Muslims. This is absolutely contrary to the oaths of office and to United States laws.

The simple fact is that Islam, by its own doctrines, flatly refuses to peacefully coexist with any other religion or philosophy. No amount of rationalizing, excuse making or guilt mongering can erase this simple fact. It is what it is.

I cannot say with authority that the Obamanation is an Islamist. Nor can I say that he is not. What is apparent, however, is that his administration accommodates and even promotes Islam, and it adherents, at every opportunity – even when it is clearly not in the best interests of the United States and its citizens.

Why we-the-sheeple put up with it remains a mystery to me. As big a mystery as why we put up with the insane spending, the obvious attempts to destroy our prosperity and the steady erosion of our liberty.

Do a majority of us actually want a socialist dictatorship modeled on Sharia law? All I can say for sure is most of us are certainly doing nothing to resist it.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Any among our posterity, still capable of rational thought and the yearning for Liberty, will rightfully curse our generation, for failing to preserve what our Forefathers bequeathed us. Have we no shame? What exactly was the purpose of our pathetic lives? â—„Daveâ–º

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