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Watching the repeated attempts by progressives to exploit each and every tragedy, particularly those involving the slaughter of children – purely for whatever political advantage they might milk from them – has been nothing short of disgusting. But, the performance put on by Senator Harry Reid, on the floor of the U. S. Senate, was truly sickening.

Senator Reid, while ostensibly honoring several U. S. Marines who were killed in what was clearly an accident, made clear and repeated attempts to link this tragedy to the sequester.

It is a pity that the limbo has gone out of style because Senator Reid (and all his kind) could slither under a limbo stick as it lay flat on the floor. One simply cannot sink lower than that!

In 1966, Allen Drury wrote a book of political fiction named Capable Of Honor that explored whether some fictional senators and journalists had, in fact, such capability. It saddens me to say this but, in the present Senate, there are (in my opinion) only 3 senators who (so far) consistently act on principle and demonstrate the capability of honor. These are: Rand Paul of KY, Mike Lee of UT and Ted Cruz of TX . A very few others have their occasional moments of merit but are by no means consistent. The rest tend to constitute a group whose only motivating principle seems to be continuing their time in office. And, a clear majority of these use those offices primarily for the enrichment of themselves and of their cronies. Take Senator Reid as a prime example. Coming from relatively modest means, he has somehow become fabulously wealthy during his time in office – as have many members of his family. How does one do that with a job that pays about the same as that of a typical middle manager in commercial industry? Sadly, the answer is well known to all who care enough to ask. It is done by pushing through legislation that benefits himself and his cronies – at the expense of the American people, by insider trading on the markets and by peddling influence to the highest bidders. Activities that would send our typical middle manager to prison for most of his/her life.

The better question is: why do we continue to put up with this? Election after election you send these bums back to Washington to continue to sell our birthright while robbing us blind. (Note that I said you – I voted for Ted Cruz, whose actions, so far, make me proud to be a Texan.)

I will close this particular diatribe by repeating my favorite question: just what will it take to wake you people up? The people you repeatedly send to Washington lie to you, they steal from you, they take away your human dignity, they destroy your liberty, and, barring a miracle, will soon outright enslave you. And, your consistent response is to send them back to do it some more. All you have to do is say “no – the trinkets and trash you offer me in payment for my vote is not a fair trade for the loss of liberty and dignity”. But, will you? Over the centuries, thousands have struggled, bled, and often died, simply to give you the freedom to choose. And you chose this?

Think about this if you will – as disgusting at the Harry Reids of the world might be, YOU have chosen to put them where they are. Your have granted them the power that they use against your best interests. Therefore, they are little more than a reflection of yourselves. Do you like what you see?

Troy L Robinson

4 Responses to “How Low Can They Go?”

  • Chris says:

    Troy, I live in a state where the biggest city in the country re-elected Charlie Rangel to the US congress not months after congress censured him for tax evasion, lying under oath misappropriating funds,fraudulent real estate practices,and being an all around scoundrel. Despite it He held his seat with nearly 90% of the vote from his district.

    How low can “we” go? I just don’t know any more.

    • This is the perfect illustration of the folly of considering layabout ghetto dwellers as fellow countrymen. We REALLY need to dismantle the Federal bureaucracy, whittle it back to the limits of the original Constitution, and free individual States from the tyranny of Federal interference in local affairs, just so jerks like Rangel can bring home the bacon. I don’t want to even have to care what is going on in Sodom by the Hudson. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    The late great H. L. Mencken said it best: “People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”

    The tragedy is to the many who do not deserve it but get it none the less.

    It is so VERY hard to find reasons for optimism in the current situation — yet we must somehow try. I cannot adequately express how much it distresses me to think I am part of the generation that failed America.


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