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For the first time in months, I am encouraged by something that happened in our Capital. Whatever your opinion of the drone program, the filibuster is having the effect of making various politicians show their true colors. I was very heartened to see that other Senators and a few Congressmen openly supported Senator Paul, some going so far as to help with the filibuster. I am especially proud of our newest Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. Electing him was the best thing we have done in years.

On the other side, John McCain and Lindsay Graham in particular have shown us that they have been in the Senate far too long. Their net opinion seems to be that it is an outrage for anyone, especially an elected official, to stand in the way of increased government power and its concentration in the Executive branch. As prime examples of the GOP “establishment”, they have also shown us how rotten said establishment is – to its very core. The establishment’s only “cause” is its own continued power and position. Any service or benefit to the nation and its citizens is purely coincidental.

Predictably, most of the Lame-Stream Media are condemning Senator Paul and his helpers just as they condemn anyone who dares question the Obamanation and his quest to destroy the United States of. America. And, equally predictably, most of that condemnation comes in the form of ridicule and attempts to trivialize.

Now, for the point that sparked the filibuster – does (or should) our Constitution allow the Executive branch, or the president in particular, to order the killing (murder) of a United States citizen, whether on our own soil or anyplace? I am unable to find such an authorization.

In October 2011 in an article titled The Slope Just Got Slicker, I opined that the assassinations, via drone aircraft in Yemen, were unconstitutional and that they opened the door to exactly what is about to happen here at home – the murder of anyone the president, or his minions, decide is a danger — without due process.

First, as a confirmed atheist, I must ask the majority of my fellow citizens who claim to adhere to some manner of religion – do you not find this absolutely immoral? I certainly do.

Assuming you rationalize the idea as some form of self defense, are you (or can you be) certain that your definition of danger is precisely the same is that of the people you are empowering to murder you or your fellow citizens?

I am willing to venture that those of you who approve of giving this power to the Executive branch assume it will only be used to protect you from terrorists. That was the presumed case in the al-Awlaki assassination. But, I ask you to recall a leaked memo from 2009 where DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano suggested that U.S. soldiers returning from war zones, TEA Party activists, gun rights activists, and other law abiding citizens should be viewed as potential terrorists.

Does this not give you pause to reconsider the wisdom of granting such power? It certainly does me.

In a number of my past articles, I have presumed to predict the near-term future as though I have some kind of insight. I do. It is called history.

All one need do is study the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany. The process being used today by the Obamanation and his gang is so similar to that used by Hitler and his gang that all one must do is follow the script. Obviously one must make minor adjustments for the difference in place and circumstance but that is quite easy to do. And, make no mistake about it – the majority of the citizens of Germany, at that place and time, were convinced that Hitler was their salvation.

The primary difference today is that Hitler had a world-wide economic collapse to use as a springboard to power where, today, the Obamanation has the added task of creating a similar economic collapse as part of his plan.

But, you exclaim, the stock market just hit an all time high! Why, is has virtually doubled under the Obamanation and his programs!

True enough. Might I safely assume that each of you have twice the wealth you had in 2007? Of course you don’t. And, even if you did, the loss of value in our currency, during that same period, would wipe out most of the supposed “gain” you may have made.

The real truth is that the members of the financial cartel and the “crony capitalists” are becoming wealthier by the day. Have none of you paused to wonder why someone who constantly rails against the wealthy is supported by almost all of the billionaires and bankers in the nation? Does this not strike you as odd? They would seem to be supporting their own destruction. If what you are being led to believe were actually true, that would be the case. However, even a simple examination of the bare facts tells us it is not the case.

My friends, our country is in a crisis that may well be terminal. Many different people propose many different reasons for this, ranging from the decline of religious faith to the lack of education to whatever your favorite cause.

My own proposed cause is quite simple – as a nation, we have lost touch with reality.

Thank you Rand Paul for trying to give us a much needed glimpse of that reality.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

6 Responses to “Thank You Rand Paul”

  • Excellent article, Troy. I agree completely, and Paul and Cruz are my new heroes. â—„Daveâ–º

  • daedalus says:

    The stock market is not at a new high, when corrected for inflation it has a long way to go. In 2000 the DJI would have bought you about 40 oz of gold.
    Today it would buy you around 9 oz of gold. Agreed this is a very quick back of the envelope calculation, but it won’t be far off. The Fed has everyone herded in to the Stock market, but it will be awhile before folks realise they are doing just what the establishment wants.

    • Troy says:

      Thanks Dae. That was pretty much what I was trying to say without getting technical. I have begun to think that the stock market is nothing more than a giant pump. It pumps money FROM the little investors and then pumps it TO the financial cartel. And it works quite well.

      Meanwhile, the cartel members get richer by the day by collecting interest on money that does not (and never did) exist.


  • Chris says:

    Well said Troy. The Rand Paul filibuster was an exercise in education. Thirteen hours of “lecture” on one principle of liberty protected in the US constitution. I would be content with one filibuster per week. Maybe not thirteen hours worth, but three or four would be beneficial. Republicans are finally getting smart. Express your views where the media can’t censor them and it’s impossible to ignore. He had Twitter exploding. I #STANDWITHRAND.

  • Troy says:

    Just watched a video of Shepard Smith interviewing John McCain RE the Rand Paul filibuster and the nasty remarks McCain made about it. Clearly, McCain is a bitter old fool who simply cannot accept that his 15 minutes are over.

    Why won’t the people vote these senile old fools out of office?


    • Chris says:

      McCain got his pre-retirement nest all nicely feathered. He’s looking to go out smooth. Sucks when a young rooster comes along and craps in that nest. These “senior statesmen” think they have earned the right to run the show when they’re the ones that put us here.

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