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An Israeli School Teacher

An Israeli School Teacher Minding Her Class


…such as responsibility, prudence, duty, courage, honor, and Liberty come to mind. How I envy her ability to live in a land of the free, and home of the brave…

Here in California, I would lose my preschool license for being caught even having a gun anywhere on campus, including locked in a vehicle in the parking lot. We have become a nation of fools. â—„Daveâ–º



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  • Kitti says:

    Perhaps if the woman pictured had been at the school in Ct. today, a few lives could have been saved……
    Same thought I had when the VA. Tech shooting happened just down the road from me.

  • Troy says:

    We are something worse than a nation of fools — but I’m not sure exactly what. This whole business of going into crowded places and opening up on anyone in sight is NOT a gun control problem. The guns in question are simply a tool of convenience that could easily be replaced by an IED of some sort. I know that we have always had the deranged among us but there seems to be something more than simply that. Clearly, the perpetrators are deranged and, even more clearly, they are cowards as indicated by their victims of choice.

    For my part, I suspect that this results from the lack of discrimination, discipline and personal responsibility in our society. These nuts are totally frustrated by whatever, they have been convinced by modern society that “THEY” (anonymous others) are responsible for their miserable existences, so they set out to get even with “THEM”. Since “THEY/THEM” are anonymous, then anyone will do, preferably those least able to fight back.

    If I am even close to accurate, that means that simply ceasing to put up with a lot of crap from the losers among us might deliver far better results than any attempt to control the tools they use for their mayhem.


    • Agreed, Troy. When I try to make sense of it, the lack of any wounded survivors suggests that he carefully and methodically killed each child one by one. He likely did this before killing his mother, to torture her. By the time he got around to killing her, it would have been an act of mercy. Just imagine what her life would have been like, had she survived what she witnessed, and blamed herself for his actions. The irony is that she likely was. Not only did she fail at raising him to be a better man, and undoubtedly somehow triggered his anger, but the guns he used were purchased by her, and generally would not be the weapons of choice for an American schoolmarm.

      You are right that he could have done the deed easily with five gallons of gasoline, or even a sharp knife, as was done to 22 children in a school in China on the same day. As long as our society continues to house our children in defense-free-zones, and fail to educate and civilize our children while there, these atrocities will undoubtedly continue to happen. â—„Daveâ–º

  • daedalus says:

    First, I have lousy internet connections here in CA, (Havasu Lake). Bear with me please if I have too many screw ups. I just lost the first reply I sent.

    This cowardly phenomena is not new, see the following post.
    I am happy the predilection is for guns not bombs. The Chinese knifing points out why most are not so concerned about knives, no deaths to this point. Children did have ears and fingers cut off however. Maybe we should try the Israeli approach.

    • A fascinating story, John. I had never heard of it. It is just as well that they no longer sell dynamite in sporting goods stores; but as long as teenagers can buy gasoline, they are not really serious about preventing mayhem. Gun control is about something else entirely.

      Issuing every teacher an Uzi might be over the top; but one shouldn’t have to break the law to be prudent. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Historian says:

    Whenever you create a vacuum, something tries to fill it.

    Nature abhors a vacuum

    Violence is innate to the human condition, and when you forbid good people the exercise of their right to violent self defense, then bad people have free rein.

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