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So, we have yet another school shoot-up and yet another outcry for gun control. OK, let us pretend we really do want to “control” guns… what would that mean? Do we control only certain kinds of guns? Do we simply control magazine capacity? How about controlling ammunition instead? After all, how useful is a gun without ammunition?

My friends, please step back and think about what we are really talking about here. Set aside, for the moment, such ideas as basic rights, the 2nd amendment to our Constitution and other such and let us discuss the actual mechanics of real gun control.

First, how many guns are there already in the hands of civilian Americans? A Google search yields an estimate of 200 million

Second, would anything short of a total ban on future sales and total confiscation of ALL guns be effective in eliminating “gun violence”? Recent events suggest it takes only one gun, in the wrong hands, to do appreciable damage. Does anyone reading this actually believe that such confiscation could be accomplished in anything less than a “police state”?

Third, what of the estimated 150 million guns in the hands of military and law enforcement personnel? Can we be assured that these will never be misused? Can we assume that the increased value of such guns (after confiscation of civilian guns) will not tempt their being sold on the inevitable black market?

Fourth, what about that black market? Are we to believe that the United Nations, an organization that has yet to accomplish anything meaningful in its entire existence, is going to peacefully eliminate all guns worldwide? If not, will there not develop a black market in guns and ammunition that would put the narcotics market to shame?

The simple truth is that a gun ban in America (or worldwide) is not in the least feasible. We have a gun culture here and a majority of us are quite happy with it.

That being the case, why not look for better answers to curbing the senseless violence we see around us? Rather that argue over the tools used to perpetuate such violence, why not take a closer look at the factors that motivate it? A number of thoughts come to mind…

→ To what extent does our political situation invite violence? Our politicians have become experts at seeking ways to divide us, to convince us we are enemies rather that a single people with shared goals. Of course, I refer to the wealth envy, class divisions, racial divisions, labor divisions and religious divisions that our politicians leverage in their maniacal attempts to retain power and position.

→ To what extent does our failing economic situation invite violence? And increasing number of our citizens are literally giving up on the idea of personal advancement and personal prosperity. Many more are distraught at loosing all they have worked to obtain.

→ To what extent does the entitlement state invite violence? When government loots one citizen’s treasure in order to bribe others with the loot, is that not a form of violence in itself? And, when government itself sanctions and performs acts of violence, what message does that send to our citizens?

→ To what extent does the continued phoney “war on drugs” invite violence? We all know the answer to this question.

→ Indeed, to what extent does the very existence of an overreaching, over-regulating government invite violence? A growing number of Americans feel compelled to arm themselves against a government they fear is becoming tyrannical.

I could go on and on with this but I hope a pattern has begun to emerge. What America needs is NOT more control over ours guns. We need more control over our Government.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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