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They walk among us…




…and they vote! â—„Daveâ–º


3 Responses to “Abandon All Hope”

  • Kitti says:

    Oh my god, that’s embarrassing, but not unexpected. Americans are woefully ignorant of anything outside of Walmart. And it is/will be the downfall of a once great nation. So sad.

    • Agreed Kitti. It is interesting that when we see such pathetic ignorance on Leno, et al, we shake our heads and laugh. But, when it shows up on a foreign broadcast as the outside looking in and laughing at us, we are truly embarrassed. That was my first reaction too. When I was doing a fair amount of world travel back in my 20’s, I couldn’t help notice how much more young foreigners knew about my country than I knew about theirs. That was understandable, America matters to the world; but they also usually knew more about American politics regarding current events than I did. Actually, my interest in the sport of debating politics, which is practiced much more by average folks overseas, was sparked by the embarrassment of my relative ignorance at the time. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    I have long assumed that, when they erect a monument to the former USA, the epitaph will say “Died of Intentionally Induced Stupidity”.

    Can it be that America worked too well for too long until we reached the point where even the stupid can prosper? More and more, I think this is the case. Yet, we must realize that while the stupid can prosper, they cannot be self governing.

    I continue to urge my children to leave this mess while they still can. I would myself except I am too old to do productive work someplace else. Speaking of which… is there an easy way to get precious metals out of this country?


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