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Or, 'zombie' profiling, if you prefer. I haven't been to a movie, or watched what passes for modern entertainment on TV, for many years; preferring instead to read, think, and occasionally write. So, it usually takes a while for me to grok what people mean when pop culture references are employed, and even longer before I adopt them in my own lexicon.

When the first case of a drug-crazed cannibal eating the face off a victim in Florida came to my attention, there was some concern expressed regarding the cop shooting and killing a naked man, who couldn't possibly have been armed. Apparently, the perpetrator wouldn't stop noshing, and it rather understandably freaked out the poor cop. I probably would have done the same thing at the time; today I know I would.

The drug-crazed cannibal phenomena seems to have now become a worldwide epidemic. Hardly a day goes by without another report. I know 'profiling' is not PC; but these creatures share a rather obvious characteristic, that is impossible not to notice. They seem to prefer to lunch au naturel. I would suggest that if one encounters a naked individual in public acting erratically, one should shoot first, and ask questions later. Think varmint, folks, not human.

If it is already covered in blood, I reckon a double-tap is in order. Merely arresting a cannibal and turning it over to our lame criminal justice system, is just too risky. Chances are, someday some fool is going to declare it rehabilitated, and release it back among us. I wonder, how long before a 'cannibal rights' organization is formed? â—„Daveâ–º

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