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This should be interesting. I have myself done a fair amount of research into the background of Obama's acknowledged mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who he refers to just as “Frank” or “Pops” in his ghost-written autobiography, “Dreams From My Father.” Because he was a prolific author himself, I had already learned that he was a radical, unAmerican, subversive, card-carrying member of the Communist Party – a bi-sexual pedophile, a pornographer (including the now ubiquitous photos of Obama's naked mother), and all around miscreant.

After watching him address the National Press Club in the video below, which shows Dr. Paul Kengor to be a very mild-mannered college professor – not a partisan bomb thrower – I have just preordered his apparently well-researched biography, “The Communist.” It should automatically pop into my iPad's Kindle app this coming Tuesday, at which time my bank account will be debited only $12.99, tax-free. Isn't modern technology just amazing, and incredibly cheap? $13 is the equivalent of about 35¢ when I first started buying books, and my iPad would have cost less than $10 in real money back in the early '60s.

That would have been about 8 hrs. of labor at minimum wage, at the time Obama's wild young teenaged mama was fooling around with 55-year-old Davis, et al, and managed to get herself embarrassingly (in 1960) pregnant out of wedlock, with a mulatto child. I am sure Davis would be justly proud of his young prodigy (or progeny, as the case may be), who he taught to rage against the oppression of workers by the evil capitalists. Yet, one wonders whether he would be satisfied with the 'progress' his ideology has wrought in America. Let's see, Federal minimum wage is now $7.25 X 8 = $58 – that is hardly enough for a down payment on an iPad. Is this progress?

It certainly has been for the Chinese Communists, who manufacture the iPad and all those other nifty toys we crave, which they are inexplicably willing to trade us for worthless little slips of green paper (Shhh… let's keep that foolery going for as long as we can 😉 ); but for American 'workers' – not so much. It is almost amusing how easy it was for the Progressive Marxists to dumb down our sheeple, to celebrate their regression into serfdom, as somehow being evidence of glorious 'progress.'

A debt-free 16-year-old high school dropout, had more earning power during my youth, than most heavily indebted college graduates of today; but try to convince an Obamessiah devote of it. One can lead a crippled mind to truth – but one cannot make it think.

If Dr. Kengor's book is successful in the marketplace, we can expect him to be accused of being a Right-wing, bomb-throwing, racist, partisan, nut-job, or worse. Anyone viewing this video, will know better:



I look forward to reading it. â—„Daveâ–º


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  • Troy says:

    I have already read other works suggesting that Davis is Obama’s biological father and that Stanley Ann Dunham’s father Stanley Armour Dunham convinced (paid?) Barrack Obama to claim parenthood. As more information comes to light, this seems ever more likely.

    BTW, it seems that Stanley Armour Dunham was a dedicated Marxist himself. While it is hard for me to get my mind around, maybe a small group of people have actually planned and groomed for decades to get us to our current disaster.


    • Agreed, although I think it was as much for the benefit of Obama Sr. for immigration purposes, as it was for the ‘honor’ of his daughter. Let’s not forget that Obama Sr., and Davis were both communists and family friends of Dunham, who may even have been protecting the 55-year-old Davis from potential pedophile charges.

      I am a little fuzzy on the details of Dunham and his wife, as to whether like Davis, they were actual card-carrying members of the CPUSA; but they definitely were active in Marxist circles in Seattle (and had FBI files) before moving to Hawaii, and it didn’t take them long to hook up with Davis. I find it curious that both had roots in Kansas, and one wonders how an obscure small furniture store manager in Seattle, gets recruited to come manage another one in Honolulu.

      Then, how did these haoles get Barry into Punahau? I used to live in Hawaii, and that is a very exclusive school, which is not easy to get into without connections. It is also expensive; current tuition is over $18K per year, for perspective. Neither is Occidental, Columbia, or Harvard. Somebody was grooming and financing him for something. 😐 â—„Daveâ–º

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