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As I predicted before the 2010 elections, the Obamanation is setting up the GOP so he has something to run against next year. Now, in true Obamanation fashion, he has proposed a “jobs plan” that the GOP should oppose. Now, they are pinned to the wall. If they support this nonsense, they lose much of their base and most independents. Ergo, the GOP loses in 2012. If they oppose this nonsense, as they should, Obama will run against the “party of no”, claiming that he had the answer and the GOP blocked it. Most of the lame brains will buy this. Ergo, the GOP loses.

The GOP had their one big chance with the opportunity to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, thus putting the Obamanation behind the eight ball. But, lacking balls of any denomination, they blew it. Now, they get to reap their reward.

The re-election of the Obamanation will be the end of America. And, the GOP had the chance to change things.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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