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One thing the recent primary elections have helped make very clear — we are plagued with a federal legislature full of people who put their own power and position far above the wants and needs of we the people. Yes, we have known that for a long time but lately, a number of them are making it so clear that even the sheeple should be able to figure it out. As examples, I offer Specter, Crist, Castle and Murkowski. And note that all these are (or were) members of the GOP, that wonderful institution that is going to save us this fall! Right!!

The other observation I offer today is that expecting the legislature to clean up the federal government is an exercise in believing fairy tales. The fact is that the federal government has become so powerful, handles so much money, and has so many ways to pervert all our systems in return for bribes, that the environment will assuredly corrupt any and all we throw into it, regardless of their honest intent before going in.

This being the case, I see only 2 possibilities for halting the damage and both are fraught with peril.

The first is a military coup. But, what will keep the military leaders from being quickly corrupted as well? And, how do we know they would not favor dictatorship rather than returning the country to constitutional rule? We got lucky once with George Washington — that was more than we had a right to expect.

The second possibility is for the States to re assume their constitutional duties and demand a return to constitutional rule — via a constitutional convention if necessary. The hazard here is that the wrong elements might gain control of the convention and use it to codify socialism in America.

Get excited over the mid-term elections if you wish and let us all hope for the best. But, let us also be realistic.

Troy L Robinson

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  • The T-Party movement is looking to vote Republican and take over the Republican party, only because the Progressives have complete control of the Democrats and the system is rigged to allow only two parties. The Republican Party, for all its organizational faults and the still recent ascendancy of the neoconservative Progressives, is still thought to be the party most aligned with the founding principles of small government, free markets, lower taxes, and fiscal discipline.

    The T-Party folks have already won. They have dethroned enough entrenched RINOs already to throw the fear of Zeus into the Republican establishment, and have attracted enough independents and conservative Democrats to their ranks, to throw the Democrats into a full rout. After the coming election, we WILL have divided government, which should bring Obama’s headlong rush into Marxism to a complete halt. If it would do any good, I would pray for gridlock. The only bills I am interested in seeing come out of Congress any time in the near future, are acts to repeal nanny state legislation already enacted. Other than that, they are welcome to take as much vacation time as the Obamessiah does. Hell, I don’t even mind paying for their trips abroad if they will just STOP the insane spending of our grandchildren’s money.

    Your two options are unacceptable. I don’t EVER want to see our military used against American civilians – even Obama and his merry band of Marxists. That is too dangerous a notion to even contemplate. Any American military man who ever points a weapon at an American civilian on American soil, for any reason other than defense, is guilty of treason and should be shot on the spot.

    I don’t yet trust enough of the politicians that would be involved in a constitutional convention to even understand the principles our founders codified in our original Constitution, much less recreate it. On the other hand, I have seen sample constitutions proposed by the Progressives, which enshrine all sorts of redistributive Marxist nonsense as “rights.” This is just too risky.

    I still think the only viable solution is to promote nullification, the tenth amendment, common law grand juries, and secession if necessary. Let them have the coastal ghettos; we’ll take flyover country. We will return to hard money and make them pay in gold or silver for any food we allow to be shipped into their Utopian rabbit warrens. If they dare try to start another civil war over our opting out of their Union, I like our chances.

    All we have to do is roadblock the trucks, and their grocery stores will be out of food in three days. Then, they will be too busy killing each other over the dwindling supplies, which they have no idea how to produce for themselves, to even provide good sport for all the rednecks waiting for the turkey shoot when these helpless sheeple try to mount an attack on the real America. This time, any reunification will be on our terms, and Marx won’t even be allowed a seat at the negotiating table. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      “I still think the only viable solution is to promote nullification, the tenth amendment, common law grand juries, and secession if necessary.”

      While I actually support that approach, I don’t see nearly enough state-level office holders bold enough to get any of it done. They are either afraid of the feds or they are addicted to the trickle of their own money coming back from Washington.

      IMHO, the truly best option is to reform our education system so that it educates rather than indoctrinates. Unfortunately, like replacing state-level office holders, this approach would take longer than the Republic has left.

      I would truly like to think that we are about to send sufficient new blood into Washington to at least cause gridlock. However, all recent history shows that when we send in new people to change the system, the system changes them before they have any effect on the problems.

      I truly hope I am wrong about most, if not all of this.

      BTW, did you see that National Review magazine just did a hatchet job on Ayn Rand? So much for a gulch!!

      Troy L Robinson

  • Daedalus says:

    It seems to me that what Steorts is doing is making a self confession. He identifies with the people on the train. People who lived the philosophical viewpoints that caused their own destruction. One wonders what guilt he harbors.

  • An astute observation!

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