Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? It seems a growing number of Americans think so. My own answer is that I really don’t know and I really don’t care either. What he claims to be (or not to be) on any given day is just so much hot air, like most everything he says in public. What matters is not what he believes, it is what he DOES.

There is overwhelming evidence that his actions have favored socialism over capitalism and that they have favored Islam over Judaism or Christianity. I will not bore you with a rehash of this evidence because, as noted above, it is overwhelming and it is open for all to see and read. If you are unaware of such evidence, then I respectfully suggest you rely too much on the so-called “main-stream media” and need to broaden your horizons.

What I do wish to address here is WHY Obama would favor these things when they are both contrary to the best interests of the nation he presumes to govern.

Might I start by observing the fact that Obama is still a relatively young man, that his ego knows no practical bounds and that his level of ambition could make both Alexander of Macedonia and Julius Caesar of Rome look like unambitious layabouts.

Next, let us consider the fact that the people of the Judeo-Christian tradition as well as the capitalists have already given Obama the best job they have to give – that of President Of The United States Of America and defacto leader of the free world.

This means that the only way Obama can continue to satisfy his ego and his ambition is to find an even better, that is to say, more powerful job, than the one he has now. Since such a job does not presently exist, then his only real choice is to try to help bring it into existence.

In the current age, the two seemingly best opportunities to create such a job are:

1. Becoming dictator of an international socialist government, an idea being worked toward by a motley collection of ex-Soviets, the worldwide communist movement and the progressive so-called “intellectuals” who want to see America put in her place (that is, in what THEY consider her place – certainly not the place patriotic Americans want her to be!).
2. Becoming caliph of the international caliphate which all practicing Muslims are obligated, by their holy books and their belief system, to work toward.

My conclusion? Obama is doing nothing more than looking toward his own advancement by supporting socialism and Islam. Once one of them gets a clear lead, that is where he will land.

Muslim? Christian? Self-aggrandizing opportunist? I vote for the latter.

Troy L Robinson

5 Responses to “IS OBAMA A MUSLIM”

  • There is no doubt that he at least once was a Muslim, when he was adopted by his stepfather and became a citizen of Indonesia. He was registered as a Muslim and studied the Koran in a Catholic school there, long before he was old enough to make choices in such matters. He can still recite the Muslim call to prayer in perfect Arabic.

    By his own admission, he only “found Jesus” in Rev. Wright’s Marxist church as an adult. In the meantime, he chose to change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama during the time so many Black athletes etc. were converting to Islam and taking Muslim names. He marched with Farrakhan in the Million Man March in ’95, and Farrakhan himself certainly speaks as if he is one of them.

    That said, I suspect he is an atheist and only an unabashed opportunist regarding faith as you suggest. He would start his own religion/cult in a heartbeat if he could be the Obamessiah/Caliphate. There are plenty of reasons to reject this narcissistic character, without fussing over what faith he currently finds it advantageous to pretend to practice. This is only a distraction. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy says:

    I rather doubt Obama is an atheist. To be so, he would have to deny his own existence.

  • Chris says:

    LOL I share a link from here on FB just once and two minutes later BOOM! You got spam. Your welcome. 🙂

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