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It is time to start calling a spade a spade. White Guilt got us into this mess and it will keep us in it if we don’t wake up and stop pandering to these racists:

Acknowledging that “tough times for America often mean tougher times for African-Americans,” US President Barack Obama on Saturday called for more local and national engagement by fellow blacks.

“You know that tough times for America often mean tougher times for African Americans. This recession has been no exception,” Obama told the 10th annual “State of the Black Union” gathering, noting that the unemployment rate among African-Americans is five points higher than the national average.

“At the same time, we know that government cannot and will not succeed alone. It will take all of us stepping up and doing our part. It will take the commitment of parents and teachers and community leaders. It will take a renewed faith in our common purpose and common values.”

In a video message, the first black US president told African-American politicians, thinkers and entertainers gathered in Los Angeles that his policies were “closing the gap between the nation we are and the nation we can be.”

The new administration had done “more in these past 30 days to bring about progressive change than we have in the past many years,” the president said in prepared remarks, pointing to his 787-billion-dollar economic stimulus plan to revive the battered US economy.

B.S.! Would Obama ever dare deliver a speech to a “State of the White Union?” What would be said about a white president that did? These people are rank racists; Obama is too; the last thing they want is a colorblind society and it is time to call them on it. â—„Daveâ–º

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