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I suspect that most city folk would… but enough country folk won’t to ignite a civil war. One thing I would bet on after observing the political climate for the past month – it will be tried sometime in the next four years. Expect some false flag operation to ignite the passions of the sheeple against the patriots to give them the excuse. The “authorities” will be against us, and it won’t be pretty; but the sons of Liberty just can’t allow the Marxists to disarm us. No matter how horrific the battle… we just can’t… and we know it… â—„Daveâ–º

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  • This is a concern. I don’t think Obama will manage to take all the guns, at least not in his first term, but he has already stated his intention to reinstate the assault weapons ban. It is one of those legislations that sounds reasonable but doesn’t do what it implies. It bans things like folding stocks and bayonet mounts. Are we really banning a knife on a stick?

    It is interesting that while guns have gotten more deadly over the years, the government has far outpaced them. At the time of the writing of the second amendment, a crowd of men with muskets could revolt against their government. Today, a gun doesn’t do much against a tank, a jet, or a missile. It makes me wonder if the founders were alive today, would they ban assault rifles, or would they legalize rocket launchers?

  • It wasn’t just muskets the Founders were referring to as “arms”; it was their cannon too. It was the Patriots’ cannon that the British were after at Lexington. Thus, I submit that they would consider rocket launchers arms. If the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is so the citizens can defend themselves against tyranny, then it would seem axiomatic that they need to be able to wage and win such a battle with a tyrannical force. â—„Daveâ–º

  • MikeS. says:

    I’ve got to agree with the above. If the armed forces of gov’t have them then so should the people. The Founders didn’t want a strong central gov’t. Nor did they want a standing army or a central bank. Jefferson especially was very clear on that.

  • As I watched that film, I got sick to my stomach wondering how many classic Purdys, Brownings, and others were destroyed because of this nonsense.

    Two thoughts come immediately to mind…

    The first is of a famous flag from the fight for Texas’ independence which carried the line “Come And Take It”.

    The second is the motto of the State of New Hampshire… “Live Free Or Die”.

    Such attitudes MUST be kept alive. If America falls, who is left to defend freedom in the world?

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