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I’ll be glad when this election is over. I am wasting far too much time delving into the mysteries of the Obamessiah’s past, and trying to figure out what he is deliberately hiding from us, and why. Perhaps that is the nature of messiahs – they just spring forth after a rumored storied birth by a deflowered virgin, into a fully grown forty-year-old man, with almost no history of what mischief they might have been up to in-between. You just gotta believe… and have faith… and your life will be changed

The more I find out, the more I become convinced that his first book was much fantasy in Obamaland, and ghost-written by Wm. Ayers, of all people. Oh well, I suppose it will all come out after his election. He will eventually piss off the MSM, as Biden has predicted, and some intrepid reporters will finally get around to doing their jobs.  The sheeple will be shocked, and everyone will wonder how he got away with it for so long.

I had not seen the square-off between the candidates at the Alfred E. Smith dinner last week until now. I appreciated the relief from the madness. John McCain in particular was hilarious. He actually had Obama laughing out loud, and Hillary in stitches. If you missed it, it is worth the time for the chuckles:

John McCain Brings Down The House – Al Smith Dinner Part 1

John McCain Brings Down The House – Al Smith Dinner Part 2

Barack Obama had some good lines; yet his lack of experience showed here too:


I couldn’t find the rest of his remarks, but this caught the comedy part.  It did remind me of an e-mailed picture I received a while back:

What me Worry?

What me Worry?

It must be time for a nap…  â—„Daveâ–º

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