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Sarah Palin arrived at the VP debate loaded for Kodiak last night, and the MSM had worked so hard convincing them that she was out of her league that the pander bears on the Left never saw her coming. There must be some busy tongues licking wounds in the Biden den about now. I couldn’t have enjoyed the show more. It appears that the campaign finally listened to all those who have been calling on them to unleash her and allow her to just be herself. She was so obviously enjoying herself that it was infectious. Even Biden seemed to be enjoying her skillful performance.

She has natural talent as a politician, and while it may not work on the perpetually angry sob sisters sequestered in our stifling big cities, out here in flyover country her winsome smile, enthusiastic optimism, common sense, and unabashed love of our country plays very well. Given the current fecklessness of the Republican Party, this may not be her time; but the lady is young. I hope I live long enough to be watching the ceremony when she is sworn in as the first woman President of the United States. We can almost count on it, and I predict that she will easily achieve the status of being our Maggie Thatcher. I am tempted to go ahead and form “Sarah’s Six-PAC” to promote her candidacy. Perhaps we should make it “Sarah’s Twelve-PAC” for 2012. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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