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I was reading the leaked assessment letter of Obama by the UK ambassador prior to his trip to Europe in London’s Daily Telegraph, when I encountered the following video.  It was the first time I had seen a mini YouTube player inside the comment section of an article on a website, and I clicked it out of curiosity.  I was shocked and opened the YouTube link in a full window to try to see what the hell this was all about.  You might like to do the same, as the contents of the related videos were just as disturbing, if not more so.

This led me to investigate how embedding a mini-player in the blog is done, and this will be a test to see if it can be done here:

Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment

Who is behind this?  I had thought his logo, posters, and restyled Presidential Seal were just some personal hubris from a megalomaniac.  What the hell is going on that we are not being told about? ◄Dave►

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