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This is delicious. Finally a BLM protest that makes good sense: “Some Black Lives Matter activists plan not to vote in November“:

Newsome is leading a new campaign to get African Americans to do something that few civil rights leaders have recommended: stop voting. He believes that only by withdrawing support from the major parties can black communities force politicians to address their concerns about police brutality.

He calls it “I Ain’t Voting” — and he says he’s aware that it could be seen as a rejection of the struggle that a previous generation went through.

“Before, we fought to have our right to vote,” he says. “But now we need to fight to have our right to vote mean something.” [Emphasis mine]

Brilliant! I wish him well. Now, if we could just get the rest of the American sheeple, to realize the power of withholding their sanction, of being ruled by unworthy overlords.

“Black Americans have a chance right now collectively to say to the Democrats: ‘Hey, if you don’t give us criminal justice reform, we’ll give the country to Donald Trump.’ That’ll send the Democrats into a frenzy. Black lives will matter then, I guarantee you.”

Who could argue with that logic? Why couldn’t the rest of us use it too?

I would put it this way: “I ain’t voting until MY life matters, and I am free to live it, as I choose to live it, at peace with my neighbors.” I need to cogitate on this. With a little effort, this revolutionary concept just might catch on! Thoughts? â—„Daveâ–º

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  • The primary thing I see wrong with voting is people believing that they are being given choices and are solving problems, and that is it their way of exercising power.

    When I look the amount of power I have in choosing the things that are on the ballot, when they are there, what they say, and the likelihood that my vote is even counted or significant, and compare it to any choice I make in my daily life, there is just no comparison. When I decide to get up and go get a glass of water, I’m exercising more power over my life than the effects of every vote I’ve ever cast put together. Civil disobedience is so vastly more powerful than voting that I’m convinced the vote was just created to convince people that they have an alternative way of affecting their governance.

  • “Black Americans have a chance right now collectively to say to the Democrats: ‘Hey, if you don’t give us criminal justice reform, we’ll give the country to Donald Trump.’

    Yes that will really fix them … LOL

    AHHH the young … give them 30 years and see what they have to say about it then. 😉

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