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I have to admit that I had never even heard of this guy:

…and this clip was the first time I ever saw him. So far, I am underwhelmed… my initial impression is that he is somewhat of a giddy goofball, and it is hard to imagine him as POTUS. I am sure that the fact that he could not possibly overshadow Hillary, was a big part of her calculus in selecting him as a running mate. It is somewhat hard to imagine; but if he turns out to resemble this first impression, and Hillary were to be elected, Americans might end up praying for Hillary’s continued good health. [shudder…] â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Her being the ultimate insider puppet with plenty of blackmail baggage, she doesn’t need anything in particular from a VP, just likability and connections. I’m guessing they wouldn’t let her pick Bernie, despite all the base he would bring with him. This guy strikes me as the same kind of pick as Biden, but with extra Latino cred.

    She’s up against heavy hitters, so she wands someone who looks defenseless so they can still feign victimhood when attacked. She’ll keep Warren in the wings for offense, like Trump uses Christie.

    She’s still in trouble though. Her numbers are ok, but she didn’t get a boost when Sanders endorsed her, and the wikileak showing party insider opposition to Sanders doesn’t help her, and I’m glad to see it. The party only listens to the people when it sees consequences for doing otherwise. People need to be reminded that the reason they don’t get candidates they like is that they are negotiating from a point of obvious desperation. The party just wants to stay in power and please as many big donors as possible. If you start from the premise that you will vote for whoever they put forward to make sure the other sides don’t win, then you’ve just handed the whole of the negotiation to the big donors.

    • Well said, Steel. Dilbert’s take was also interesting this morning. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Aha! His first speech was in Spanish, and his message was clear:

      He also used Spanish to describe his Catholic faith and his plan for immigration reform.

      “In our administration in the first 100 days we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship,” he shouted.

      His Spanish slogans existed separately from the rest of the speech and he did not always translate them into English for the rest of the crowd.

      So, the immigration issue seems destined to remain in stark contrast in the fall campaigns. â—„Daveâ–º

    • Or at least appear to be so. The path to citizenship stuff is nonsense. No one in their right mind is going to come out of the shadows and register with the government, pay back taxes, get background checks, take tests, go home and wait for years and whatever other hoops they make you jump through, especially considering a Trump could get elected at any moment and turn it all against them.

      The real immigration plan, for both parties, is to ignore enforcement laws and use Mexico as a source of cheap foreign labor who aren’t eligible for the worker protections and minimum wages that would crush much of our industry were they to actually abide by them. With Democrats so into micromanaging our lives and finances, there’s no way they’ve just overlooked this. The H1B system is just as broken, but takes jobs from our best and brightest instead.

      Trump seems to be of a different opinion than the party at least.

  • I could only stand a few minutes of his acceptance speech. My daughter came out and said he does not sound very smart.

    To be honest I did not even focus on what he was saying because his rosy cheeks reminded me of Santa Clause and his voice was so frolicking cheery.

    Clearly Hillary with the weave and nodding of her head at his every word approves of his accomplishments.

    Before I knew it my mind was screaming la la la laaaaaaaa! And that was that.

    Oh my gosh we are so screwed if Hillary wins.
    A “Mrs. bobble head” corrupt to the core criminal and a VP that reminds me of Tinkerbell with a fairy wand.

    Perhaps the fairy wand is a good thing … not to mention his world achievements out do her for the next 90 lifetimes at least … that bar apparently was not more than a foot off the ground however.

    • LOL… Tinker Bell. 😀

      Speaking of Hillary the “bobble head,” have you seen this clip?

      I have watched several versions of this at least a dozen times, and I just can’t quite figure out what happened to her. Was it a seizure or convulsion, related to the concussion from her fall back in ’12, or just a dramatic “brain freeze’ from the cold drink? As I suggested above, we could actually end up with Tinker Bell as POTUS. 😯 â—„Daveâ–º

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