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Furthering my jihad against all forms of collectivism, including careless use of collective pronouns, a TED talk offers some profound food for thought regarding origin myths and tribal narratives:

We all have origin stories and identity myths, our tribal narratives that give us a sense of security and belonging. But sometimes our small-group identities can keep us from connecting with humanity as a whole — and even keep us from seeing others as human. In a powerful talk about how we understand who we are, Chetan Bhatt challenges us to think creatively about each other and our future. As he puts it: it’s time to change the question from “Where are you from?” to “Where are you going?”


Be yourself. I am. All that is necessary is to stop caring a whit what other people might think of the authentic you. 😉  ◄Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Pertinent to the times. Humanity is in the throws of catching up with our own technology. What I mean is we now live in a truly global world where in a mere few hours one can be transported to a totally foreign culture and that travel is within reach of nearly anyone. There is one thing that whether you agree or not with the globalist open borders view is that those borders no longer exist as they once did. Borders only exist through law now. They are no longer protected by time, distance, or finance. In another one hundred years borders will probably not exist as we know them and cultures will dissolve into some form or blend of a world culture. Those that wish to fight it are on a fools errand. It’s going to happen but what does it matter? As you say you are yourself. You can’t force someone in one hundred years to be who you are. Why would you want to? That would be the same as the fools judging the culture and deeds of the pre civil war south by today’s standards. Society and culture are constantly fluid and with the availability of travel and communication will homogenize over time. We’re still new at this. When you think that a mere fifty years ago you had to plan and wait as well as pay a high cost to telephone someone on foreign soil. Now you can sit down at your desk and reach anyone in the world instantly in itself is a cultural shock to every culture. Can’t stop what’s happening to everyone else. You can only be yourself.

    Ok after re-reading my little screed I have concluded that I sound like a globalist. I am not. I am however a realist. That is the only thing I am expressing. I believe our way of life and American culture is the best in the world, but so do other cultures. The only thing that breaks a globalist view for me is the global government that is sure to follow. I guarantee it will be far more intrusive and oppressive than even our own government is now becoming. Glad I won’t see it.

    • Well expressed, Chris.

      I guarantee it will be far more intrusive and oppressive than even our own government is now becoming.

      Agreed, of course; but that is not a valid reason to support the somewhat lessor tyranny of the American nation state. This should be rather obvious, when one notices that the Incumbrepublocrat elites in control of the deep state, are feverishly working toward the goal of global government. Surely it is past time to acknowledge that electing Republicans, will never shrink the size and scope of the Federal government. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        After the past seven or so months it’s more than evident you are 100% correct. I never meant to imply my support for any political party. I’m as I type watching a top fuel NHRA meet thinking “Merica”. Hoping it’s around in one hundred years is wasting my time. It won’t be.

        • I never meant to imply my support for any political party.

          Understood; but I know you well enough that you wouldn’t support the Progressives. I recall not that long ago you were convinced that (Canadian Born Citizen 😀 ) Ted Cruz was just what America needed to get back to Constitutionally constrained government. Assuming he could have beaten Hillary (he would not even have come close), do you now think the Republican congress would have done anything he might have wanted them to do, to reduce the size and scope of the Federal government? If Reagan couldn’t do it, nobody else ever will. Which begs my favorite question – Why bother to vote at all? It just encourages the bastards! â—„Daveâ–º

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