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Isn’t it only a matter of time before this mindless cultural suicide begins in America? What would happen in Europe, if they didn’t have state police forces to protect the Muslim refugee immigrant rapists, from vigilante justice by the friends and relatives of their victims? Explain to me again how an enlightened state protects its subjects from anarchy. 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy Robinson says:

    Clearly, those European nations need the equivalent of our 2nd amendment. They also need to be dipped into a vat of realism.

    On a related note, it has become obvious that, although the former traitor-in-chief gave up the White House, he has NOT given up his role of troublemaker. Indeed, he has violated long standing tradition that outgoing presidents keep their traps shut and let the incoming one try to succeed. I also heard this morning that ex Islamic-chief-of-staff Valerie Jarrett has taken up residence in the Obamanation’s new home. What ever for?

    I am sorry to say that the Obamanation’s treachery is by no means a thing of the past and we are still in for a lot of trouble.

    Meanwhile, I am pleasantly surprised that The Donald is actually trying to do what he promised to do. Although, I still do not expect him to last out the year in office. The establishment wall is simply too high, too thick and too strong for one person to bring it down.

    Can WWIII be that far in the future?


    • What good has the 2nd Amendment done us, Troy? It has only somewhat delayed the inevitable, while the will to actually use our weapons to defeat tyranny, is being systematically bred out of our culture by the Progressives.

      Can WWIII be that far in the future?

      By my lights, we are already in WWIV… and slowly but surely losing it. 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy Robinson says:

    BTW, Dave, if we are to survive, it will require a united, organized cadre to make it happen. Anarchy will simply NOT produce such a circumstance.


    • It depends on what you mean by “we” and “survive.” With the singular exception of Chris, I don’t much care whether the unfortunate subjects of New York’s tyrannical government survive or not, or how they choose or sanctify their political oppressors (leaders/rulers). In any case, I have ceased to think of New Yorkers as subsumed under any construct of “we” that might include me. I note that a good number of right thinking folks make similar statements about California, where I currently reside. If you mean survive as a nation, that simply isn’t going to happen, Troy, and for those of us I would include in “we,” that is actually a good thing.

      I disagree with your assertion that a united organized cadre is required to defeat tyranny. That would be playing by their rules. An ad hoc insurgency of lone wolves and asynchronous small units, with random unpredictable civil disobedience, would be far more effective. With the just-in-time inventory paradigm, simply choking off their supply lines, by blocking the freeways, would bring the Progressive cities to their knees within days. Then, attempting to suppress civil unrest and mayhem from starving ghettos, much less feed them, would become job one for the authorities. Any attempt to organize the insurgency with some hierarchical command structure, would only give them a target to decapitate. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Your concern for me is both humbling and appreciated Dave. Where I am in the northern parts of NY outside big city centers there are plenty of fine freedom loving self sufficient people, as I am sure there are in California. I am now in the position of “they can’t hurt me at all”. That being the case I also don’t care at all. Beyond the amusement value it’s all noise. Not unlike reading a well written novel with multiple plot lines and unpredictable subjects. When interest fades throw in the book mark and put it down knowing if you so desire you can pick it back up and the story is the same. In a day, a week, or a decade. The United States may well be in the midst of a revolution of sorts. A revolution that no matter the outcome I will see neither benefit or harm. I dare say none of use in this forum actually will. I used to think of “our posterity”. I no longer even worry about that. It will be their world and even today they don’t know any better. This world is their normal. If they are happy with it why should I complain. I will spend the rest of my days living in mine.

        • Extremely well put, Chris! Welcome to my rather carefree world. I love the book analogy. I still spend way too much time being entertained by mine; but have abandoned entirely any personal investment in how it might end for posterity. The ability to dissociate from the narrative, allows one to fairly critique the multifarious characters and ever-changing plots, with an open mind. Had Trump not won, to keep it lively, I am sure my unfinished copy would be languishing undisturbed on a shelf by now, just gathering dust. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

          • Chris says:

            Events can sometimes put many things in perspective. Unlike me Toni was a huge Trump supporter from the day he announced he was running. She invested a great deal of time and energy promoting him and arguing his case. LOL not with me. We just had lighthearted discussion because at least we realized it wasn’t worth all that. She was delighted when I was forced to join her side when I had no other option. When he won the election she was beside herself. I think it was a high point in her life. She was that invested. Well anyway I digress. My point is what good did it do her. Toni never got to see a president Trump. She passed on January 19th. The day before he became president. Even if she had seen his administration it would have made no real difference in her life either. Well except the gratuitous “I told you so” she could give me. All that time and energy wasted.

            To this day the local papers Sunday comic strips carry a quote in the heading. My father pointed it out to me when I was a young boy. “What fools these mortals be.” Indeed.

          • Chris says:

            Now to something important. If you still have that roadster get it the heck out and raise some hell. I’m chomping at the bit to get back out in the barn to tinker. Sadly it’s six degrees out right now and we have a big storm coming in for Monday night. Winters last kick in the nads. No time for this foolish weather. I have important things to do.

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