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Just a few months ago, it seem certain the GOP was headed for certain destruction. Now it is the Dems that are hanging by thread (a thread they seem determined to break).

Even though I thought I was paying attention, I am still not sure what happened (although I am pretty sure the Russians did NOT do it).

Can it really be that a majority of Americans are simply tired of being lied to and treated like incompetent children? One can only hope.

As all of our readers know, I did not support Mr. Trump and I am still wary of him today – although I will credit him with at least trying to do exactly what he promised during the campaign.

As I predicted, sadly with some accuracy, a large portion of our citizens simply will not accept the outcome of the election and seem determined to cripple the elected government in any and all ways possible. The evidence following the 2 Obama elections suggest the same would NOT be true had the election gone the other way. For sure the losers grumbled after Obama’s wins but they did get out of the way and let him govern – however badly he did so.

If we are to continue to function as a free Republic, it is past time that the progressives do the same. If office-holding progressives cannot or will not accept the outcome of a free election, then they are in violation of the oaths they took upon accepting their offices and should be held accountable accordingly. Indeed, at what point does this behavior rise to the level of treason?

We-the-sheeple, via our elected (non)representatives in government, tolerated various treasonous acts during the previous administration. I can only assume that this was due to the past president’s skin color and the resulting fear of upsetting the large black community and provoking them to riot.

Whatever the reason, it is time for such tolerance to stop. Members of government who refuse to do the job they were elected and swore an oath to perform should be required to do exactly that. Else, they should be expelled by the rules of whatever body they are a part and/or should be recalled by the people who elected them and/or fired by the people who have such authority over them.

With Russia and China trying every trick they know to gain world dominance and while Islamic terrorist nations work toward nuclear weapons and the systems to deliver them over long distances, the world has become too dangerous for us to be infighting at home.

Whoever you supported in the last election (Gary Johnson in my case), the simple fact is that Donald J Trump was elected by a majority of the electors of the several States and is legally our president. Period. Get over it or get the hell out of the way!

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Jerry Elkins says:

    FCOL. Ruskies didn’t have squat to do with the democratic party’s imploding. Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton, Reid, Polosi, and countless others did. Sanders pitched in. ABC,CBS,CNN,NBC,MSNBC did a great job.

  • Chris says:

    Well said Troy. I might also add that the people inciting the violent, destructive, and disruptive behavior need to be dealt with now. It’s gone on far too long. The previous administration tolerated it if not instigated it, and probably still is. I have no problem with voicing opinions, and peaceful protest but everyone else’s rights stop at the infringement of another’s. Whether it be property, travel, or person. Some would claim taking these people out would create “martyrs” for the cause. Well that’s only fixed when you answer the question how many martyrs does it take to make an example. We should be finding out.

  • Troy Robinson says:

    I remember the riots in LA after the Rodney King fiasco. It was clear (at least to me) that one Army helo with Gatling guns mounted on the struts could have ended that riot in about 5 minutes. I maintain that far fewer people and far less property would have been damaged over the ensuing years.


    • Troy Robinson says:

      I realize that this sounds harsh but, when people choose to act like wild animals, the rest of us should treat them like wild animals.


    • Chris says:

      Well I would start off with some water cannons, being treated to a baton twirling demonstration (Note: no not the local high school cheerleaders) and a soggy stay in a jail sell. A day in court with penalties fitting the terrorists that they are for the leaders.

  • It really shouldn’t be necessary for me to once again suggest that absent the existence of the Federal government, and the mob rule nature of democracy, none of the problems addressed here would even exist. Further, the minor inconvenience of learning to defend and provide for oneself and family in a stateless society, pales in comparison to what seems inevitable, when this totally unprepared society soon implodes, and the government declares martial law to defend itself.

    It is about time for me to give up a hopeless cause. If I cannot get through to you guys, of all people, with what has become blindingly obvious common sense to me, it is probably a complete waste of time to try to awaken anyone else. The ability to think of oneself as an individual freeman, has been bred out of the somnolent herds of subjugated sheeple, haplessly huddled in fear of their rulers on this once-free continent.

    The apparent ease with which the oligarchs have brainwashed the entire population, to believe a behemoth coercive government is actually necessary and benevolent, is depressing. The bunkum that one is somehow obligated to submit to the will of the majority, is now nearly universally accepted; as is the quaint notion that the laws themselves are the rulers, rather than the venal officials formulating and enforcing them, at the behest of the oligarchs. Most outrageous, is the nonsensical common belief that cherished freedoms and/or Liberty are established, safeguarded, and/or enhanced by coercive democratic governments. 🙄

    The entire population has been systematically dumbed down, and critical thinking skills have been effectively extinguished. Children are routinely taught what to think, instead of how to think. Sheeple now accept without question, that the interests of the community supersede the welfare of individuals. The depraved principle of altruism is nearly unanimously accepted as the ideal, rendering even otherwise rational individualists, feeling guilty for their intrinsically selfish nature. Through the artifice of Orwellian manipulation, our language has become so corrupted that meaningful political discourse is nearly impossible.

    How often have I explained and lamented the subterfuge of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly? Yet, here are my nominally rational and intelligent friends, reviewing the latest GOP vs Dems Kabuki dance routines, as if they were consequential real-life drama.

    “Can it really be that a majority of Americans are simply tired of being lied to and treated like incompetent children?”

    Probably so. I reckon that about 20% are rabid Progressive Leftists, and another 20% are rabid Social Conservatives. These are the activists making all the noise and fomenting hateful behavior. That leaves 60% of us in the middle, who one way or another, disdain the partisan strife and political BS.

    “…they did get out of the way and let him govern…”

    And you reckon this was a good thing? I viewed Obama as an avowed Marxist and Muslim apologist, at the very least. Had he initially pressed his covert agenda, with anywhere near the gusto that Trump is displaying for fulfilling his promises, I suspect that rabble-rousers would have had no difficulty inspiring similar riotous behaviors among T-Party conservatives. A little disruption of Obama’s ability to ‘govern,’ might have been a very good thing.

    Half the population have been convinced that the other half has been duped into electing the equivalent of Hitler to rule over them. Seriously! If you and I truly believed that narrative, we would probably be rioting too.

    “…continue to function as a free Republic…”

    Rubbish. ‘Free Republic’ is an oxymoron. You should know very well that America has not functioned as a proper republic, since the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution. Any pretense of such evaporated during the Civil War, and all remaining vestiges were thoroughly erased by the Progressives in 1913. The downhill slide into the abject tyranny of democracy, has been accelerating ever since.

    “We-the-sheeple, via our elected (non)representatives in government, tolerated various treasonous acts during the previous administration.”

    Do you see what you are doing here? Treason is only a crime against a government, committed by sworn functionaries of said government. Why should its chattel/subjects even care? If the act of voting for representatives, makes the subjugated masses complicit in treason, they ought to rethink voting.

    Enough… I could go on; but what would be the point? 😥 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy Robinson says:

      One of us is surely mistaken.

      Madison observed that if all men were angels then no government would be needed. Clearly, we are not all angels, ergo, and by implication, some government is needed. It is also a fact that some of us are not as mentally and/or physically strong as others, ergo, some of the weaker among us need some sort of protection from the stronger, especially when the strong also happen to lack morals and ethics.

      At a quick glance, anarchy may seem to have a lot to recommend it. But, upon deeper reflection, it soon becomes apparent (to most of us) that anarchy provides a sure and consistent path to some manner of “strong man rule”.

      I have no doubt Dave that you are one of those few individuals that could flourish in a state of anarchy. But, such as you are few and far between. The rest of us require the establishment of a few simple rules along with some manner of power to enforce said rules.

      As I have said before in this space, having a government is like using radiation to treat a cancer — the dosage must be kept small and very precise lest the radiation do more damage than the cancer.

      Finding the correct dosage and keeping it consistent over time is the greatest challenge of mankind. Ignoring the need for treatment is just as deadly as an overdose.


  • The reason they’re imploding is that they’ve gotten everyone riled up over their own identity politics, but as soon as they try to quantify any issue short of being anti-Trump they’ll realize they actually hate each other. This means that even had they won, they would be fragmenting and unable to govern by now.

    Three of their main pitches seem to be promising to be more pro gay, pro Muslim, and pro black.

    How they think they could even discuss the specifics of gay or Muslim policy without alienating the other is beyond me.

    Between grabbing Bernie’s mic, and trying to boot the white women from the women’s march, I’m convinced that our current crop of black political groups are actually capable of imploding without outside influence.

    If you ask any conservative what the women’s march was about, they have no trouble answering. It was because they were mad about Trump. If you were to group any random five of the marchers or even those leading and organizing the marches and ask them to craft a joint statement about what the march was for, I think you’d more likely end up with them all calling each other Nazis.

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