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This speaks for itself.  ;-)  ◄Dave►


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  • Chris says:

    Good story. It’s sometimes hard to separate someones public life from their private life. Good to see Trump may be willing to lend a helping hand to someone that needs it. My guess is the arrangement was also mutually beneficial. I would say this gentleman was as much a bodyguard as a driver. Perception is a funny thing. How easy is it to see Hillary as a doting grandmother fawning over a new addition to the family. LOL I can’t see it. Doesn’t mean it’s not the case. Good thing she’s comfortable that her policies will have no effect on her progeny otherwise she wouldn’t be a very good granny at all.

  • It is unfortunate that the “sheeple” are too lazy to get off their dead asses and research anything. Instead they simply listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry with an agenda.

    Had they done so long ago what the criminal Clinton’s and their team (including the in the bag press) would have had less effect.

    For those who bothered to research archived video from the time Trump was in his early 20’s it would have been clear this incident is more a rule than isolated incident.

    In the end there is something behaviorally interesting … most people (not all) have an instinct when they meet someone … if that person is a con artist or the real deal. Look at the crowds Trump pulls in … they trust him … but most of all THEY BELIEVE HIM.
    They believe him because HE BELIEVES IN HIMSELF.
    Because of that they will be willing to walk hand in hand side by side with him to get ANY JOB DONE.

    Americans have been given an opportunity to save itself and crawl out of the corrupt cesspool of today. If they choose not … well they deserve what they get and what they get will be a long bloody battle to extract themselves from a self imposed slavery that will pale in what was experienced way back when.

    It is indeed psychologically interesting to watch. 😉

  • Chris says:

    Make no mistake CT. Donald Trump is without a doubt a con artist of the highest skill. The power of persuasion is a craft he has honed all his life. Like any comic book can show. Super powers can make a hero or a villain. Sometimes the hero is the villain. Sometimes the villain can become the hero. It just depends on how one chooses to use that power. If used for good a con man may be just what is needed. The alternative is as well a worst nightmare.

  • Donald Trump is without a doubt a con artist of the highest skill.

    Over the months you have made that opinion (yours) of him more than clear.
    I get it!
    That is your perception to which you have every right.
    Need you be reminded that just because you perceive that … it does not make it reality other than your own?

    The power of persuasion is a craft he has honed all his life.

    You appear to think that is a negative thing Chris.
    Why exactly is that?
    Have you been dragged around by a nose ring against your will?

    Perhaps you did not know Trump was teethed on the teaching of Norman Vincent Peale.

    Trump had the ability to fine tune that discipline and mindset.
    Peale would indeed be proud!

    I too had a good amount of Peale training in my youth.
    It has served me well. There is no con to it … if those around you choose not to sway to “common sense” you leave them sitting in the dust while the world comes crashing down around their ears.

    Personally I do not lend sympathy to those who choose to shoot themselves in the foot. 😉

  • Chris says:

    Congratulations president elect Donald Trump. Well done. You accomplished what I didn’t think possible. Serve with sincerity and honesty and you will serve well. #DrainTheSwamp as you promised. Make dignity great again.

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