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I find this MD rather persuasive. He has been posting videos explaining his conclusion that Hillary has Parkinson’s disease, for a couple of weeks now. His latest is a discussion of her most recent episode on 9/11:

I thought there was something really weird about the deep blue sunglasses. Too bad she won’t be able to wear them during the upcoming debates. 😉

To better understand how and why he came to his Parkinson’s conclusion, watch the following video:

He has also done a masterful followup job of forthrightly answering many of his critics, and better explaining the difference between a diagnosis and a conclusion:

I have now subscribed to his channel, because I am looking forward to his promised upcoming discussion, of the mental health issues related to Parkinson’s. â—„Daveâ–º

15 Responses to “Is It Parkinson’s?”

  • I don’t know where you find these guys. They all sound like they’ve spent too much time listening to Glenn Beck.
    He makes a much more convincing argument than any others I’ve heard though. Two things about Hillary’s illness have jumped out to me.
    One is that I’m hoping people are noticing that she is in her same old pattern of spending a good portion of her time and energy desperately trying to hide the truth. I’m giving her a lower score on transparency and accountability than anyone I’ve ever seen run for public office in this country.
    Second, it’s making her work against herself. If she had gone home sick after any of these incidents and done a brief interview from bed each day for a couple days looking like she had a bad cold, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but after coughing fits, collapsing, and pneumonia revelation, to just hop up and do an interview and a photo op with a little girl, acting like she’s fine, just looks wrong. It says either she’s desperately pretending to not be sick when they’ve already announced she is, or she’s blowing the cover story and showing that she has something serious and intermittent.

    • I have no idea what Beck is raving about these days; but just because his mind has been thoroughly pickled by alcohol and religion fueled paranoia, does not mean that there are not real conspiracies abroad, to suppress truth from the sheeple.

      To me, it is pretty clear that there is something seriously wrong with her, which her staff is desperate to somehow keep concealed, long enough to drag her across the finish line. Anyone with any personal experience, of dealing with someone experiencing epileptic seizures, is sure to recognize that whatever is troubling her is neurological in nature.

      Have you seen the pictures of her nurse administering a quick neurological test, before she departed the 9/11 ceremony while Chuck Schumer is trying to help? How would over-heating, dehydration, or pneumonia explain that little exercise? 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Clearly there is something seriously wrong with this woman health-wise

  • Her campaign said after this that there really aren’t any other health issues and her doctor seems to corroborate it. What that tells me is either we’re all trying to make something out of nothing, or she’s in absolute desperation mode and out of tricks. She can only double down on straight up lies for so long before the whole thing blows up in spectacular fashion.

    • I’ll go with the latter. First it was just allergies; then it was overheating; then she had pneumonia; now her renowned liar of a husband, says it is just a case of the flu! Give me one good reason that we should believe anything that is disseminated by her campaign, regarding her health condition.

      As for her desperation, just look at what is happening to her poll numbers! She is in the process of dying a total failure… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Further… According to a Dr. Milton Wolfe, Hillary’s doctor has diagnosed an illness that does not exist:

      There’s no such thing as “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.” That’s pure fiction. Find a medical textbook with it.

      Think about it. If there really is such thing as “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,” how did Hillary catch it?

      There are ICD-10 Codes for…
      > Bitten by cow
      > Hurt at opera
      > Burned by water skis on fire

      But not…
      X “Non-contagious bacterial pneumonia”

      He also notes some incongruities in her discussion of Cat Scan tests. After Dr. Drew’s complaint that it appeared that she was being (poorly) treated by someone she met as a kid in Arkansas, I would suggest that the competence of Hillary’s doctor is definitely now in question. It is either that or her veracity is questionable. Probably the latter… or maybe both. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Troy Robinson says:

    Clearly there are several serious problems with Hillary’s health. Given the stress of being POTUS, her life expectancy, in office, would not be very long. So, why continue working for election to a death sentence?? Is she so desperate to be POTUS that she wants the job, if only for a few months, just to be able to say she got there?

    Little concerning this campaign makes much logical sense to me, including the reaction of the electorate to all that is going on.

    The only thing of which I am fairly certain is that we are witnessing the death throes of a once great nation.


    • What was once great about this nation died long ago, Troy. What I am witnessing, is the most entertaining political season of my lifetime. The exploding heads among the media, who got played like a fiddle masterfully by Trump, to air his free infomercial today, is just the latest example of it. I am afraid that life may get very boring after the election, if I don’t find a new hobby. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

    • She gets bragging rights to being the first female president, her face on the money, secures her place as a role model to little girls everywhere (puke).
      I’ve always gotten the feeling that it’s always mostly been about winning the election for her. She has very little vision for the future. Her gender seems to be the only thing that’s ever inspired anyone, and she was born with that.

      It may also be that the mountain of misdeeds that she is spending all of her time trying to hide away is actually being used to blackmail her into running.

      It certainly has been an entertaining election season. I’m not sure what I’ll watch when it’s all done either, but I suspect if Trump wins, things will stay interesting. If Hillary cinches it, well, I’ve got more than enough hobbies to keep me busy, at least until she makes them all illegal.

      • I suspect if Trump wins, things will stay interesting.

        You are probably right. Just watching journorat and corruptocrat heads continually exploding, should be rather entertaining. Just periodic episodes, of the likes of George Will et al, sputtering in indignation, would go a long way toward keeping a perpetual smile on my face. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • I’ve got more than enough hobbies to keep me busy, at least until she makes them all illegal.

    Same goes for me Steel 😉

  • Chris says:

    Just dropped in to check what’s going on. If you haven’t noticed I have been quiet lately. Yes I have reached Nirvana. I have arrived at that sweet spot where I truly don’t care any more. I don’t even care that I don’t care. I have better things to do. Yes I have hobbies too. I had forgotten how much I enjoy them.

    • Understood, buddy. Welcome to my world. The only difference, is that I never had any hope that the next POTUS had a snow ball’s chance in hell of reversing the downward spiral into the pits of tyranny for this country. I only wanted Trump to create havoc among the Progressive elites controlling the Incumbrepublocrats. This, he has already accomplished, and for me it is still highly entertaining to watch him tweak their snouts, and hear them squeal.

      You probably don’t see it; but Trump has done you a big favor. Thanks to him, you are already over the election and whatever will follow it. Had your man Cruz beat him in the Primary, you would be worried about Hillary beating him now. Then, even if he had won the General, you would be in for the frustration of him not being able to govern in the conservative manner you expected of him.

      It is time for us seasoned citizens to retire now, and let the kids do with the future what they will. We had our turn at bat… too bad we struck out; but at least we were swinging away, and gave it our best effort! Go build that T-Bucket. Perhaps I will drag mine out of the garage, clean it up, and actually drive it for a change. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Already on it but not a T bucket. A 27 chevy superior sedan delivery high boy. I like being able to put a two spring front axle under it. Something fit for high mileage. 🙂

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