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Lou Dobbs nails it:

Profound insight. Trump is an imperfect candidate, for sure; but how many of his opponents were principled American populists, and how many were either globalists, or beholden to globalists for campaign finance?

If any of them could be fairly classified as anti-globalist Americans, what are the chances they could have actually prevailed, against the juggernaut of the Clinton Machine, without selling their souls to the globalists like the Koch Bros.? Trump doesn’t have to amass the huge piles of cash, because he has a knack for keeping the media focused on him. No other Republican was even in his league, for charisma and media savvy. Everyone else would have had to use traditional advertising on a massive scale, to hope to win against Hillary, and that would require a whole lot of globalist cash. â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Yup. Trump has a knack for staying in the news. Too bad it’s all bad now that he’s the nominee. Who could have predicted that the globalist news media would change once he was a lock? Oh yea. Me. Clinton was chosen back in 2008. If you help the “historic first black radical get in the job is yours in 2016. Oh yea, and as a bonus you can get rich as secretary of state while you wait”.

    • All that may be true, Chris; but what about the premise of the post? Where is the real dichotomy? Is the issue still Republicans vs Democrats for you, and the Republicans just chose the wrong candidate? Lou Dobbs says it is the Globalists vs Americans, which technically would put nearly if not all, of those who lost to Trump on the wrong side to begin with. Obviously, the early plurality, and latter majority, of Republican Primary voters agreed that America should come first.

      Of course, from my own perspective, the real dichotomy is the Collectivists vs Individualists, which basically eliminates all the statist Incumbrepublocrat politicians, including Trump. This explains why as a sovereign individualist, my only viable option is to vote ‘None of the Above,’ by the simple expedient of not voting at all. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Clinton was chosen back in 2008. If you help the “historic first black radical get in the job is yours in 2016.

    LOL … The biggest mistake of Hillary’s life was to buy into that crap. POOF up in smoke her ONLY CHANCE at her dream. She could have easily beat him had she not fallen for the con.

    The KARMIC BITCH is about to wave her magic wand and mete out the justice to Hillary … the passing most cherished thing in her life (to be President of the USA) to Donald Trump.

    Who will deny Karma is the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL BITCH? … LOL

    • Chris says:

      Although the visitation of bitchy karma upon the Clintons is way over due I use great caution when anticipating it’s arrival. If only for the history of the republican party turning a walk through a rose garden into a smoldering ash heap. For Pete sake this should have been the easiest election in history for them to win. I would say karma is about now visiting itself on the GOP. They lied about who they were and are paying the price.

      The problem with karma visiting upon the democrat party is there is nobody that will facilitate the arrival. The republican grass roots are tired of their principals being ignored. The democrats have few principals and the ones they have dictate that any means can be employed to reach that end. Conservatives and libertarians don’t think that way. Process and procedure are as important as results.

      • You know Chris I will not be surprised if both party hit the brick wall at 200 miles an hour with this one.

        I for one will be there jumping for joy. I have been chatting with that “Karmic Bitch” … saying it is time her teaching kicks in for everyone especially the worst of us … LOL

        I have been suggesting a firing squad in the rose garden for treason as a start.

        But hey who listens to me anyway? 😉

        • Exactly, CT. Skewering both wings of the UniParty Duopoly has been my dream mission for the human wrecking ball all along. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Yes Dave I must admit The Wrecking Ball had done an admiral job. He took The Bern fodder and added it to his own program.

          We can thank them both.
          Too bad that “the bern” abandoned what he was promoting. Typical … the LACK OF character in the established political old guard (both sides).

          What a graphic exposure to even the severely dense.
          Now let’s see how well this will fly come election.

          We stand watching … THE CHOICE!

          Fall of Rome or an about face.
          Total collapse or armed revolution My guess is total collapse for so many reasons I would be listing until the cows come home.

          As a young person watching film of the Jews pretty much willingly being herded into boxcars … I wondered where was their fighting spirit. Would it not be better to be shot immediately than walking into a gas chamber?

          Same outcome different mode today.

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