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Between the AdBlock and NoScript add-ins to FireFox, I manage to navigate large ‘busy’ websites with minimum graphic interference, while reading their articles. Occasionally, however, they include a video clip I would like to view. Trying to figure out, by trial and error, which blocked scripts I need to temporarily enable to get the imbedded player to function, can be rather frustrating. Fortunately, I have learned that most of them can be found and played quicker on YouTube. Thus, after following the Drudge link to: “Obama’s brother rips Barack in TV interview…” and reading the interesting article, I gave up trying to get their video player to load. Sure enough, it was already on YouTube:

So that is where Piers Morgan landed. Personally, Britain is more than welcome to have him back. It was an interesting interview, however, and Malik Obama does not at all come off as the clown one might have expected, from experiences with past Presidential siblings. The next clip to start playing when that one finished, was at least as interesting:

I have always enjoyed Penn’s perspective and commentary, as an unabashed atheist and libertarian. It was interesting how both men had apparently competed on Trump’s reality TV show (which I have never seen), think well of him, and agree that he is not the racist moron the media is trying to portray. The perspective that one can like and respect someone as a person, yet not wish him to be President, was refreshing. Hillary’s camp, of course, is trying to sell the opposite proposition. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º



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