PostHeaderIcon Suicide By Cop?

I can think of no other explanation for this unbelievably stupid behavior. Police body cams work, and here are two of them in action:

There are several versions of this on YouTube, which also include the speeding chase before the stop; but this one is the clearest of the actual shooting. What is that object on the ground by the truck door that can be seen after he was shot? After my post just a few hours ago about Stefan Molyneux and Charles Johnson, I added to my RSS reader. Look what just popped in!  😯 â—„Daveâ–º


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  • I read this in the paper this morning. Strange because I normally pay no attention to the yellow rag.

    Dyer the chief here in Fresno is fairly good and decided to release the video to keep ahead of what BLM might do. Apparently they are already on high alert.

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