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The lame-stream-media’s ignorance-based and intentional falsehoods concerning Islam are becoming intolerable. Ergo, yet another attempt on my part to simplify, clarify and render truthful the real facts about Islam…

Impremis: Islam is not a religion in the classic sense. It is an all-encompassing system intended to direct and control every aspect of the lives of its adherents. That is to say, it contains a belief system (a religion), a legal system, a governmental system and a cultural system. Therefore, to find some aspects of Islam, for instance Sharia Law, intolerable and incompatible with American values, does NOT constitute religious intolerance. Nor does outrage against killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

Item: The United States Constitution, first amendment, forbids the (federal) Congress to make any law respecting the establishment or free practice of religion. It does NOT say that we the people are somehow legally bound to tolerate the intolerable in any form or respect.

Item: The koranimal that shot up the bar in Orlando; the koranimals that shot up the party in Santa Barbara; the koranimals that attacked Burssells; the koranimals who attacked Paris; the koranimals who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; indeed, violent koranimals everywhere, are practicing Islam exactly as intended by their prophet and as prescribed by Islam’s sacred documents. It is the so-called “moderate Muslims” who are practicing a “perverted” form of Islam.

Item: The Obamanation is correct – we should not use the term “radical Islamists” to describe the koranimals. They should be called Islamic fundamentalists or more simply Muslims since they are acting true to the Islamic system.

Item: Until there is demonstrable evidence of a significant Islamic reformation towards peaceful coexistence with, and respect for other systems, ALL Muslims should be held responsible for the actions of the koranimals.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

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  • Jerry Elkins says:

    You can call them koranimals Troy. I call them radical islamic muslims. Problem with muslims in the West. They will not assimilate, but will take and take and slowly screw up whatever country they move to. Just look at London with a muslim mayor. Look at Europe with millions of muslims to support. Look at the US with a muslim president and mostly muslims in his administration. Look at our schools. Almost every aspect of our life is affected by these savages.

    • Troy Robinson says:

      Jerry, Assimilation is contrary to their avowed purpose which is to make the rest of the world subjugated to Islam. In other words, they do not come here to be like us, they come to destroy us.

      According to our alleged government, we are not at war with Islam. But, make no mistake, Islam is definitely at war with us. The longer we stay in denial, the more of us die.

      My suggestion for how to treat Muslims in the USA is simple — treat them exactly the way they treat Americans who come to their lands.


  • In my opinion the lame-stream-media has been intolerable for a long time.

    This nation DOES NOT PRACTICE Sharia and those who wish to live under that law are more than welcome to move to a country that does.

  • Well said, Troy. I have been considering making a few of your points myself of late. I would quibble a bit with your imprimis:

    Islam is not a religion in the classic sense. It is an all-encompassing system intended to direct and control every aspect of the lives of its adherents.

    Wouldn’t that also be true of early Judaism, back when Moses’ followers were smiting Philistines, to clear the “Promised Land” of those worshiping the ‘wrong’ god? Or, Christianity in the Middle Ages, during the era of “The Divine Right of Kings?” It was also arguably true of some of the earlier Christian sects that settled on this continent. It was the Reformation that allowed for secular government, and more tolerant social mores.

    Personally, I don’t give a good goddamn whether my intense disgust, and stubborn intolerance of religious bigotry offends anyone or not. It is somewhat amusing to see Politically Correct fools, trying to defend Piously Correct bigots, as long as they will continue to vote for Democrats.

    It is the so-called “moderate Muslims” who are practicing a “perverted” form of Islam.
    They should be called Islamic fundamentalists or more simply Muslims since they are acting true to the Islamic system.

    Precisely the point I mentioned I was considering making. Thanks for saving me the trouble. 🙂

    ALL Muslims should be held responsible for the actions of the koranimals.

    I wouldn’t go quite that far. Do you hold all Christians responsible for the unfathomable antics of the Westboro Baptist Church? Or, the other Baptist preachers, who were cheerleading the Orlando massacre of gays, from the pulpit last Sunday? Do moderate Christians, who disavow the radical fundamentalists in their faith, deserve condemnation for their actions anyway?

    I tend to have a bit of compassion for those indoctrinated into a mystical belief system as children, before they have even an opportunity to develop the capacity for critical thought. Once so brainwashed, it takes a lot of serious consideration and courage to become an apostate. This is true of any religion, and for a Muslim, it is potentially a death sentence.

    I have an acquaintance, who is a Muslim teaching at a Montessori school in a prominent Islamic Center. We have had long in-depth conversations about Islam, Jihadists, theism, and atheism. She absolutely abhors the terroristic Jihadists, and condemns them with every fiber of her being, as antithetical to her interpretation of her faith.

    Although she is required to dress modestly and wear the hijab at work, off duty she lets her hair down and dresses in modern American attire. She will even have a glass of wine, on social occasions with her American friends. In other words, she is an exemplar of the ongoing Islamic Reformation. Every clean-shaven Islamic male is too.

    “Significant” or not, such anecdotal evidence for reformation exists. I reckon that it is Fundamentalism that is the bane of civilization, whatever the hateful dogma they preach. Not every otherwise pacific individual, who was crippled with irrational mystical beliefs, in their early childhood. â—„Daveâ–º

    • On the other hand, this guy ought to be frolicking with his 72 virgins right about now! At first, they gave him a ticket for trespassing? What is wrong with that picture? A proselytizing Muslim wearing a turban, and waving a Koran in people’s faces at an IHOP diner in Texas, ought to have been ventilated on the spot! I am really rather surprised that he wasn’t… â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy Robinson says:

      Dave, the fact that the same may be true of early (or even present) Judaism is, to me, beside the point. The same might also be said of early (or present) Catholicism as well. All this does is support my theory that all religious belief is a form of mental illness, even though externally applied rather than organic in nature.

      I repeat that ALL Muslims should be responsible for Islamic madness just as ALL Catholics should be held responsible for that organization’s manifold wrongdoing. The simple fact is that gross numbers of adherents gives each organization more power than it would have if only the fundies were there.

      If the so-called moderates (in either organization) do not like being held responsible for the actions of the extremists, then they should use their combined power to force reform of those tenets of the system that are used to justify outrages.

      FYI, in case you wonder what beef I have with the mackerel snappers, I consider a pope going about central and south America praising women for having children they can in no way support to be a crime against humanity.


      • LOL… “mackerel snappers”… I don’t think I have heard that slur since I was a kid, when my dad and his Masonic brothers were kvetching about Catholics, and their pope. 😀

        Dave, the fact that the same may be true of early (or even present) Judaism is, to me, beside the point. The same might also be said of early (or present) Catholicism as well.

        I said it was a quibble, Troy, not a criticism of your point. The principle reason I made it, was to show that other mystical beliefs were or are also “intended to direct and control every aspect of the lives of its adherents.” I generally equate Roman Catholicism with all of Christianity, prior to the Protestant Reformation. It was their priesthood, which concocted the “Divine Right of Kings” and other such self-serving dogma. I would concur with your condemnation of their leader praising unrestrained breeding, as a crime against humanity.

        I still disagree with your blanket blame of all lifelong adherents to an organization, for the uncivilized actions of other members, or even the contents of their founding scriptures. I have had past relationships with Catholic women, who had no idea what was in the bible; because they had never had the slightest inclination to read it.

        All they knew about Christianity, was a few simple parables they learned from the nuns in grade school, and the Mass liturgy. To them, their religion was all about the socially comforting rituals, not the dogma. Needless to say, they had no idea what I was talking about, when I mentioned some of the god-sanctioned atrocities chronicled in the Old Testament, or the archaic religious laws found in Leviticus, etc. Are you seriously suggesting that because some Fundamentalist Christians still take the entire Bible literally, these kindly and harmless ladies are complicit, in the retrograde beliefs and uncivilized actions of the likes of the Westboro Baptists?

        Take the notion out of the realm of religion. I am an American citizen by accident of birth. There have been many times in life, when I have been embarrassed by the attitudes and behaviors of “Ugly Americans,” especially when living and/or traveling abroad. Am I required to renounce my American citizenship, in order to disavow and avoid personal blame, for foreign misadventures and even atrocities, committed by the politicians and apparatchiks of this increasingly out-of-control tyrannical state? Such apostasy might not get me executed (yet); but it certainly could bring me unpleasant consequences, which I would rather avoid.

        Troy, please remember that I am a godless heathen, in complete sympathy with your overall point of view, regarding theism and irrational dogma. Perhaps it is because I had to go through the trauma, of escaping the powerful religious programming installed in my nascent mind as a child, that I have sympathy for those who have not managed it, or even refuse to contemplate it.

        Usually, it is not their fault, any more than their native tongues or colloquial accents are their fault. Such mental patterns acquired in childhood, can be overcome and discarded if necessary; but not without considerable effort. I consider it reasonable to give them a break, and as long as they don’t pester me with their irrational beliefs, I’ll not condemn them for continuing to harbor them. â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Holy mackerel I think I’m offended. Jeez enjoy the occasional fish fry and look what it gets you. For the most part we don’t do that any more. Not surprisingly over the past decade two fish fry joints within a mile of the church have gone out of business after being open for almost a century. Just not enough “mackerel snappers” left around. 🙂

        As far as the pope goes you had to see it coming. Not many in the US give much weight to his personal opinions. Catholicism has undergone it’s own “reformation” since the seventies. At least as far as the American church goes. The average American parishioner and some priests differ from the Vatican view on a great many issues. Birth control up to the point of conception is the most obvious. Although I attended a Christening last week figuring there would be three or four baptisms. A surprising twenty-two babies. The ceremony was waaaaay to long. Somebody is practicing what they preach. 🙂

        • Chris says:

          Of minor note I know of at least three of the baptisms that were presented by unwed parents. Quite possibly more. Don’t think that would have flown 40 years ago.

          • It would depend on the venue, Chris. When I lived in the Seychelles Islands back in the ’60s, 90+% of the population was Catholic. Yet, it was also the original free love society. Well over 50% of all births were to unwed parents. The Priests had long ago resigned themselves to that reality, and just pretended not to notice. In fact I, once a Protestant, but well on my way to being a godless heathen apostate, was married in one of their churches. It didn’t much matter to me, as the whole ceremony was in French, and I had no idea what was being said. 😉

            Better yet, I became the Godfather at the Christening of a little black bastard, who was the product of my maid and my gardener. I was somewhat bemused, yet the Priest somehow treated it as a solemn occasion. I should have docked their pay, for the time they obviously spent conceiving him! 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Yeah, when I lived in upstate NY back in the ’50s, the school cafeteria menu for Fridays was always fish sticks. Thank Zeus that anything one puts ketchup on, tastes like ketchup. Do they still do that in your neck of the woods, or has the newest pope changed the cuisine to something more South-of-the-border spicy, so that ketchup is not necessary? 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          LOL I don’t know what they serve in the school cafeterias these days but I’m sure the pope has very little to say about it. He’s been replaced by a higher power. Michele Obama. As for the ketchup I suspect that’s still a good rule of thumb. It can fix anything except ice cream. Can’t put it on ice cream. Don’t ask how I know.

      • I repeat that ALL Muslims should be responsible for Islamic madness…

        ALL, Troy? What more could this good citizen have done? â—„Daveâ–º

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