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There was so much steam coming out my ears yesterday that it almost destroyed my relatively new hearing aids.

Why, you ask (not really caring)?

Because I was listening to our Traitor-in-Chief trying to disassociate the Orlando terrorist from anything to do with Islam!

Then an obvious truth occurred to me…

Our once great nation is so far gone that an obvious traitor can serve as POTUS and that WTS and our elected representatives in the Congress are too damned stupid and/or scared to even whimper about it. That is why I have shown so little interest in the election farce currently being conducted for our entertainment.

Then an even more obvious truth occurred to me…

It really matters not who is elected (appointed, designated, etc) president because the problem is not with our so-called leaders. They only reflect the attitude and incompetence of WTS. Ergo, the problem is US and we will still be US no matter who is elected POTUS, to Congress, to local dogcatcher or whatever.

Nothing has happened to this nation that WTS did not willingly allow to happen. And much of what has happened serves only to give us excuses.

For instance, like many, I bemoan the destruction of our education system. Yet, people from other cultures, as well as a minority of our own people, participate in this system and get marvelously educated. The failure to become educated evidently being in the majority of our people rather than the education system.

Again, I eagerly join the chorus of those who bemoan the over regulation and over taxation that seems to have drained the opportunity from our economy. Yet, people from other cultures, as well as a minority of our own people, start innovative new businesses here and many become quite wealthy in the process. Just like in the “good old days”. The failure to become economically successful evidently being in the majority of our people rather than the economic system.

These are but two examples and one could easily come up with an extended list.

In summary, my conclusion is that we (generally) have voluntarily become essentially worthless as a people. Think I am too harsh? Then go out into any public venue and simply observe with an open mind. And keep in mind that what I propose has no racial or ethnic tilt – it is essentially universal. As a people, we have lost our manners, we have lost whatever self discipline our forbears must have had, and, worst of all, we have lost virtually all respect for ourselves and for each other.

My friends, we Americans are simply getting what we have asked for and who am I to tell people they cannot have what they so obviously must want?

As usual, I still mourn for the few who did not ask for this. All I might suggest to them is to leave this mess while they can still get out. Where to go? I really have no good idea although I personally would choose New Zealand were I young enough to go.

I also feel a bit sorry for myself, that I have lived long enough to see the unthinkable happening. Yes, I know that being in constant physical pain makes me a crotchety old bastard. But, it also sharpens the senses such that we begin to see some things more clearly.

Think about it.

Troy L Robinson

7 Responses to “Steam Coming Out My Ears”

  • I was listening to our Traitor-in-Chief…

    That was your first mistake, Troy. I had enough trouble trying to keep up with the breaking news on Drudge; I didn’t even bother to turn my TV on yesterday. I would have had even less interest in listening to what that clown would predictably say to defend his damned religion, than I would in listening to him read a State of the Union speech, which I always eschew.

    Of course, you are correct in your observations regarding the culpability of the clueless sheeple, who enable him, the rest of the Incumbrepublocrats, and their entrenched bureaucracy. Those helpless morons who actually think they need leaders, are simply not qualified to choose them.

    In summary, my conclusion is that we…

    Your second, and greater mistake, is that you persist in thinking and writing in terms of the collective “we,” which I occasionally am wont to criticize. I have learned to avoid much of the angst you so frequently experience, over the decline of America, by thinking of the hopeless sheeple enabling the welfare/warfare state as “they.” Try it; it helps. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    LAZY! To lazy to learn. Too lazy to try. Too lazy to fail. Too dam lazy to dress respectfully for church on Sunday. A sweat shorts and T shirt population comfortable in their apathy and ignorant of their end.

  • If you treat the populace like they are idiots, they will become idiots.

    I just read a study the other day that found that checkers with their own lines do a faster job of checking than those with a shared line. I was thinking about this and it occurred to me that the flaw in the separate line approach is that you can end up behind either a slow customer, or with a failure at the checker/system side of things. This can leave you with the choice of either standing in line for an indeterminate amount of time, or starting over at the back of another line.

    Where this gets relevant is that it occurred to me that if I were in a large crowded store with poor quality patrons or services, I’d much rather have a single line. If I’m in a competent store with few people in the lines, I’d rather take my chances with the multiple lines. I think there may be some parallels to society as a whole here. People in the big cities may be supporting more regulatory control for similar reasons. People in the country don’t want to have to pay for a bunch of regulations they rarely see any use for.

    I think it might be fun to scale regulation by population density. Maybe draw the state lines so they intersect and go around the major cities, which could be states unto themselves.

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