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…we had a real POTUS:

…and I still had a sense of patriotism, for the nation I loved, and actually thought was invincible. A whole lot has changed in the past 22 years… :(  â—„Daveâ–º

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  • A great man indeed. I am proud to have had the pleasure of voting for him the 4 times he ran. I further had the pleasure of seeing him in person talk as he campaigned here in California. Interesting I got the same feeling from Trump listening to him.

    That should make a few weak at the knees here who for whatever reason choose to believe he is simply a phony. But it is what it is … LOL

    As I recall however things had begin to decline in society before that. I remember being spitting mad at our boys returning home from Vietnam (1975 ish?) and being spit upon. Disgracing the memory of a number of young men I went to school with or dated (not to mention thousands more). Boys who were drafted and went into battle because their country said they were needed.

    Spit on by the likes of fools like John Kerry and Jane Fonda. Both who should have been placed before a wall and shot for Treason on the spot.

    Those cowards are … many today running our country … running it into the ground as we are beginning to notice.

    As you can imagine I still hope there is a KARMIC ROPE, A BULLET OR HELLISH MISERY awaiting each and every one of them.

    I have often wondered if Johnny Cochran put the Karma is a real BITCH together for getting OJ Simpson off the hook before he took his last breath.

    All in all I still have hope for a brighter tomorrow … not for me because my world is already bright. But for my grandchildren and great grandchildren because they so far do not have a reference from then to now. I hate to think they might be destined for a progressive self-imposed slavery tomorrow.

    Okay that was my rant for the week … lol 😉

    • Interestingly, I never got four chances to vote for Reagan. I did cast my first ever vote for him for Governor in 1966, soon after getting out of the Army. I couldn’t vote for him in ’70, because I was living in the Seychelles Islands at that time, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. During the election of 1980, I was living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, while captain of a rich man’s yacht. On election day, we were on a sport fishing trip a couple of hundred miles southwest of the tip of Baja, near Socoro Island. Completely out of touch with the world out there, I didn’t even get the news of his victory, until a couple of days later when we returned to port.

      As an aside, I was again at sea on a commercial fishing trip off the coast of Big Sur California, when Reagan was shot in ’81. Again, I was probably one of the last Americans to hear about it, when I returned to port a couple of days later. Ironically, during his reelection triumph in ’84, I was again at sea, only this time about 400 miles southwest of Honolulu Hawaii, as captain of a commercial tuna fishing boat. Thanks for the briny float down memory lane, CT. 😀

      I admire your discipline in maintaining a bright personal worldview, and limiting your rants to only one a week. I don’t think I could accomplish that. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Well the limited rants sometimes are not so limited once I get going … lol

        The remembering? … triggered by comments of others … Like oh yah I remember being left standing stupid and alone on a street in Ensenada as my boyfriend was hauled off to jail for stepping out of Hussong’s Cantina with a beer in his hand.

        Who knew there was La Mordida the common practice for the corrupt cops. Nab a tourist for some trivia and then extract a payment to keep out of jail.

        The wow remember when I got in a skirmish with a boat captain as I caught a 165 lb marlin in the Sea of Cortez. Okay we will let it go now.
        What do you mean NO!
        Than he somehow thought I at 135 lbs could not land a 165 lb. fish?
        With my “NO I CAN DO THIS MYSELF” … my husband more excited than I over the whole thing saying … “let her be there is no point in arguing with her you won’t win”.

        He stepped back and coached from a distance while I sadly dragged that beautiful fish on board … for what?

        We were not going to bring it home or eat it there? Where the hell is your own knife when you need to cut a fishing line?

        What a sad state … humans and their stupid sporting activities that I against my better judgment allowed myself to be dragged into. 🙁

        • Ah, Mordida. It is a way of life in Mexico, as common as tourists being expected to tip someone for just doing their job here. Approached from that perspective, and one gets over the outrage quickly. 🙂

          Good catch! I can think of a lot of stupid sporting activities; but fishing isn’t one of them!

          Marlin are too oily for frying, grilling, or ceviche; but not oily enough for proper sashimi. They are actually pretty tasty when smoked, which is how we prepared and preserved them in the Seychelles. In Mexico, we released most small ones at the transom. Trophies we hauled back to port lashed on the swim step, for weighing and the obligatory pictures. Then, we gave them to the very appreciative local bystanders, who happily carved them up. After sharing large chunks with their friends and families, they all took them home for dinner, so at least they were not wasted. 😀 â—„Daveâ–º

        • I was told the meat would not be wasted too.

          We were on this tiny spot that was like paradise.
          Thatched roof compound on a white sand beach with beautiful water. No telephone or TV with a generator that stopped just before dinner one night leaving me soaped up in the shower when the power shut down. No water to rinse off with sand and grit stuck to the soap.

          Memorable but still okay. These lovely people where the best cooks and their floors looked like you could eat off of them. No locks on the doors and no fear of anything being taken from you.

          Cockroaches the size of mice (sort of) running on the beams over head … LOL One decided to travel home with me … thank god for raid.

          The plane ride from La Paz was something I will never forget. We left in a ratted out B52 that flew no higher than maybe 100 feet over the beach and water. We landed on a sand airstrip that only a Mexican taxi-driver type would dare use. No doors on the plane and the crew (a pilot and 2 friends for moral support I guess) waving and shouting to friends on the beach below. I am thinking this would be my last day on earth but we landed safely … LOL
          The Mexican people were wonderful so happy and care free. Who could not love it all?

          To be honest there would be no crops harvested without the Mexican workers here in the valley. Apparently the American citizen has no clue that this valley produces about 50% of all fruits, vegetables and nuts here in the US. The government sticking its nose in the water rights of farmers is critical and important.

          Fruit and nut trees do not produce in a year.
          Letting them die because there is not enough water is folly at best.

          Okay rant 2 for the week over.
          I must tend to my garden now or my tomatoes will be dead tomorrow 🙂

  • Chris says:

    President Reagan was my first voting experience. It’s a good thing because before that my head was nothing but a full blown bucket of mush. I was 23 when I first chose to participate and it was Reagan that inspired me to do so. He shaped my political views that so far have lasted a lifetime. Ronald Reagan was my mentor in conservatism. I have since modified in slight ways but to this day first principals still stand. Principals matter. I leave you with this a full sixteen years before my first vote. Yet the issues still remain.

  • Troy Robinson says:

    I somehow suspect that Mr. Reagan was actually the LAST President of the United States.


    • Perhaps, Troy; but I reckon the United States as we thought we knew it, actually departed well before his time. He may have been a valiant attempt to resurrect it, but ultimately he failed to drive a stake in the heart of Progressivism. â—„Daveâ–º

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