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The so-called Two Party System has been revealed as a sham for decades. Libertarians were referring to it as either the Demopublicans or Republocrats since at least the ’70s. Eight years ago, I added the mutual interest of maintaining incumbency to their cabal, with the neologism ‘Incumbrepublocrat Party.’ Recently, I have increasingly been seeing it referred to as the “UniParty.” I don’t much care what it is labeled, if the sheeple will just wake up to the reality that it is a Kabuki Theater of the absurd, designed to keep them at each others’ throats, instead of the oligarchs. Now, Sundance in “The Fallacy of False Choice: Why Bill Kristol Keeps Talking Up Another Option….,” suggests evidence that many are:

There is a new awakening amid the electorate; one that has been a long time coming, but it is finally here.  More Americans are aware of the UniParty than ever before.

FACT:  When both teams in the Super Bowl are owned by the same person, the Lombardi Trophy is destined to end up the same cabinet regardless of who wins.

There is only one party in Washington DC, the UniParty.  They are funded by the same ownership, Wall Street; and their legislative victories end up with the same benefactors.  The candidacy of Donald Trump represents a second party option for the first time in two decades.

He then goes into the mountain of empirical evidence, showing that the Republican Congress might as well have been Democrats for the past 8 years.

After making the case rather well, the article concludes with:

So if Donald Trump is the second party, why would Bill Kristol be pushing for an alternative?  I can’t speak to his motives, but a Romney or Sasse would be a fallacy of false choice because they are just as aligned with the UniParty as all current politicians.

♦ The Good News – The crowd watching the game have caught on.

Now, to be fair, only about 20% of the electorate have this “in-the-weeds-level” of understanding about it.  However, the remaining 80% know something is up, because they see the outcome is identical regardless of which team is running the plays.

The UniParty can no longer hide because there is empirical evidence to prove the ideology behind their existence.  The whispers amid the crowd, previously disregarded, are now full-on shouts.   Almost the entire electorate have caught on to the ruse.  Everyone now points toward the owners box as proof because there’s clearly only one person in the suite.

Our collective awakening is what has created the Monster Vote.

Monster Voters, cross-party Americans, know that Donald Trump represents the only alternative to the UniParty.  This is also why Donald Trump support is so firm – this is why pundits repeat Trump “can say or do anything an no-one abandons him” – there is no other option for voters.  It really is that simple.

Even if Bill Kristol were to convince Mitt Romney to enter the race (doubtful) Donald Trump would still be the only alternative.   Clinton/Romney would be the UniParty vote, and Donald Trump remains the second party candidate.

All true, and a reasonable way to view the situation. His ‘evidence’ for his case in between these quotes, is well worth the read. Enjoy… â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    Until that day it’s discovered that the second choice is the glue that cements the UniParty together. Fate be with us that we are around to witness a third or fourth year of a Trump administration to find that nothing has changed. Indeed you may find fewer distractions such as imperial mandates over who can pee where. By design to make what IS being done to seem sane. You will have gained no liberty. (I challenge anyone to show me when or where Trump has ever mentioned liberty or self determination. He speaks only of what government will do.) If of working age your opportunities to be shackled to corporate servitude will increase as your opportunity to shed those shackles will stagnate or diminish. Disappointment will once again be the order of the times. We will be revisiting the same issues when the theater begins anew in 2019 but the voice will be weakened by half.

    • Six dimensional chess is beyond my ken, Chris; but I rather doubt that the oligarchs recruited Trump for the desperate purpose of saving their duopoly, from a perceived threat by Liberty-loving, Constitution-minded, conservatives. I know that you have ascribed conspiratorial nefarious motives to his campaign all along; but he really does not strike me as anyone’s lackey.

      That said, I don’t disagree that actually electing him as POTUS will change little, and the Kabuki dance of the Incumbrepublocrats will begin anew for the next season. As long as the sheeple can continue to be fooled into validating the oligarch’s rule, by participating in their sham elections, as if their votes actually mattered, nothing significant will ever change.

      As Diderot remarked over two centuries ago:

      “Watch out for the fellow who talks about putting things in order! Putting things in order always means getting other people under your control.”


      “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

      Unless and until mankind grasps those truths, and ends the foolish quest for enlightened benevolent leadership, any semblance of Liberty will remain an individual achievement, entirely unsuited for the clueless masses of somnolent sheeple. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    but I rather doubt that the oligarchs recruited Trump for the desperate purpose of saving their duopoly

    Not prescribing any particular reason or motivation for Trump entering the race. I rather think it’s more ego and the chance of even more fame and residual income than anything else. I’m merely predicting the end result.

    • Oh… I misinterpreted what you were intending, regarding the glue holding the UniParty together. It seemed you were saying his candidacy was all an intentionally choreographed part of this season’s Kabuki dance, rather than a rogue outsider mucking it up. That was my reference to multidimensional chess moves.

      You must admit that you have propounded some rather strong beliefs regarding his motives, and disbelief that he ever had any actual intention of winning the office. That just goes against everything that is publicly known about the man and his ego. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Oh I still don’t think he actually intended to win the nomination. LOL I think he jumped on the coaster and rode it to the top. Only thing left after that is to hold on. A few lessons for the republican party though. Stop letting democrats pick their candidate in early primary states for one. That is one thing that makes it a “uniparty”. Stop treating the conservative/libertarian wing of the party like democrats treat blacks. No they won’t always vote for one of yours.

        The GOPe early on saw Trump as the conservative antidote. They were content watching him run roughshod over other candidates because they thought “Jeb!” (or another party favorite) could ride him out with a big bank roll and take him in the end. Now they have no option but to reign him in and they are. His position changes over the last two weeks prove that out. Still a far easier task than an actual conservative. LOL that may have been a miscalculation as well. Cruz has two years left on his current term and there are no signs that the state of Texas desire a change after that. If they think he was a pain in the ass before…….

      • Chris says:

        In regard to him being “the glue that holds them together”. He supports all of them without regard to political position or ideology save the important point that it will benefit him. That is the motivation of every corporate donor. There is no regard for the health of the country or citizen. Only who can best serve them. They hedge their bets by supporting them all. By his own admission that’s the way he works and that’s the way both parties in the end support the same outcome no matter their rhetoric on the campaign trail.

  • It does seem likely that all the more centrist and partisan subgroups and donors will conglomerate around Hillary, while Trump tries to organize all the wingnuts.

    In the former, you’ve got all the money, power, and unity, while in the latter you have only the agreement that you can no longer abide the former.

    It becomes a referendum on revolution. Those in power will feel morally obligated to fix the vote in their own favor, while those opposed may just refuse to take no for an answer.

    • That is an interesting perspective, Steel. Of course, as an anarchist, I consider myself in the dead center, or more accurately at the top. I think the revolution is already underway. It is just a tad too soon to start shooting the bastards. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • I guess that’s the beauty of being anarchists. We all get to be the center of our own universe.

        When I refer to the center in politics, I’m talking about that lowest common denominator of drivel and corruption that lies at the policy midpoint between those currently in power. It’s the place Obama refers to when he uses the word “compromise”, and the position Hillary’s policy is always exactly one step closer to than whoever she is comparing herself to.

        • Understood; but that captures what is so useless about the traditional political spectrum drawn as a Left/Right line. It presumes a coercive state, so there is no realistic place for anarchy on the line. Conservatives generally think of anarchy as being on the extreme Left, beyond communism. That is as erroneous as the Leftists trying to locate fascism on the far Right beyond theocracy. Yet, the centrist position for the statists, as you suggest, denotes compromise and moderation between the ideologues, disagreeing on where best to spend the resources plundered from the sheeple, necessary to sustain the state, the livelihoods of its employees, and payoffs for its constituents.

          Actually, I updated that chart to make the Up/Down scale of quantity of government clearer here. â—„Daveâ–º

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