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Suddenly, with the death of Justice Scalia, things have gotten far more interesting. Assuming the GOP Senate successfully blocks Obama from getting a nominee seated before the next POTUS takes office, then the outcome of the presidential contest takes on a much greater importance.

IMHO, this new wrinkle makes it imperative that the next POTUS favor a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Troy L Robinson

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  • The sheer amount of misinformation I’ve seen about this on social media is staggering. I’d be very interested to know who is spending the time and money on some of the spin, and not just on Scalia.

  • Oh, they will block Obama alright. Since there is no constitutional imperative to give any nominee an up or down vote, the GOPe wouldn’t dare to compromise with Obama on this one. It would blow the GOP apart forever.

    I am not sure there is such a thing as a strict constructionist left among modern jurists. I wonder where Trump’s sister stands on that issue? 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      Trumps sister? NY liberal of course. How bad would that appointment look?

      I bet Cruz knows a few constitutional judges and he wouldn’t be afraid to nominate them. Anyway I hope whoever does have the decision would consult him. He has more time in front of SCOTUS than any of them as well as working inside as a clerk.

      Trump has entered his well planned self destruct mode. He won’t be the nominee.

      • I was jesting, of course, about Trump’s sister.

        Too bad Cruz had not been more patient and less brazenly ambitious. He might have made a good nominee himself, had he been a bit more collegial with his fellow Senators. It would have been a very good position for him.

        Trump has entered his well planned self destruct mode. He won’t be the nominee.

        Don’t count on it. Did you watch his press conference today? He handled the press masterfully, and did not sound like he was self destructing… quite the opposite. He did give Cruz the ultimatum of apologizing for his lies about his views on the 2nd Amendment, etc. before the SC Primary, or he would be filing a suit challenging his NBC status. Cruz needs to take him seriously… I don’t think he makes idle threats, and unlike most, he has standing to sue. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          The blowhard won’t do it and if he does will get thrown out.

          • Blowhard? If you are suggesting he is inclined to make idle threats, which he is unwilling or incapable of following through on, I disagree. He said he has already hired the right lawyer, who strongly believes himself that Cruz is ineligible, and the “papers” are already being drawn up. He looked and sounded dead serious, Chris.

            Thrown out? I doubt it very much. All the NBC cases against Obama were dodged by the courts, not because they had no merit; but because he was already sworn in and was a popular black man. They invariably use the lack of ‘standing’ issue, to dismiss them. Since Trump himself would be irreparably harmed by Cruz being ineligible, he has standing in spades. So, if required to rule on the merits of the question, before he might be elected, does any rational person really think they will rule that someone could be born a NBC of two different countries simultaneously? That makes no logical sense whatever. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          Blowhard! So if as you say he has a legitimate challenge regarding a constitutional issue and it’s all ready to go why is he making it contingent on Cruz not being nice to him? Is Cruz only not a NBC if he’s saying mean things about the BLOWHARD? One would think he would want to settle the issue for the American people. Trump is becoming more mock worthy every day. He should just move over to the democrat party now. He’s making Hillary look sane.

          • From Trump’s perspective, it is not just “mean things.” It is blatant lies, such as stating he is against the 2nd Amendment, when he has been a member of the NRA for years and has a CCW permit. In any case, he is still at 35% in SC polls, and Rubio has caught up to Cruz at 18% each. At this rate, Rubio will beat him for second. 😉

            Have you ever encountered J.B. Williams? I used to read him a lot a few years back, and respected his work. Read this: “TED CRUZ IS IN THE US SENATE ILLEGALLY?” …and tell me what you think of it. â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          All well and good. If they got it bring it. Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up. Searching for more euphemisms but none come to mind. To early.

          I have no problem putting the constitutional record straight. Until somebody actually does it’s all noise.

          The only consequence I can see is I would have to vote for Bush or Rubio. I still wouldn’t vote for a blowhard liberal.

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