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We are getting down to the short strokes on Hillary’s unconscionable security breaches. Friday’s release of more of her e-mails didn’t include: “22 Clinton Emails Deemed Too Classified to Be Made Public.” If the ‘rule of law’ actually reigned in this oligarchy, which we laughingly call the ‘Land of the Free,’ this evidence would land her in Federal Prison. Yet, we all know that it won’t.

To me, the even greater offense revealed in that NY Times article, is that another 18 of them will not be released, because they were between her and Obama, and it is too early to release his records. Really? How does that square with this “Face The Nation” interview 11 months ago?:

This unforgivable lie seriously pisses me off. If we ever get around to that Article V Constitutional Convention, I hope the delegates have the good sense to make it a felony and high crime, for any politician to ever tell a baldfaced lie to the American people, for any reason. They are not required to answer embarrassing or security related questions; but they should never be permitted to outright lie to us – ever. For the POTUS to do so, merely to cover his political butt, should be an egregious impeachable offense at the minimum… if not a hanging offense. Who the hell does this arrogant, lying, horse’s ass think he is? 🙁 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Chris says:

    What are the possibilities that BO is the, or one of the copy & paste wizards with the classified info? Could emails of that sort be what they are hiding? I hope they tear the whole corrupt administration to the ground. My mind goes back to 2009 when there was a big to do about BO keeping his personal blackberry. All the gyrations the secret service had to go through to make it secure. Back then I didn’t think it was good.

    • Now, there is an intriguing thought! I doubt that Obama was involved in the cut & paste capers themselves. That would have been her staff at her direction. He very well might have shared classified intelligence with her, however. Once he is out of office, you can bet that there will be a multitude of FOIA requests for those 18 e-mails. It will be interesting to see if any of them then contain redactions for classified reasons. 🙂

      Agreed on his Blackberry. Even Bill Clinton was smart enough not to use e-mail, and Hillary was clever enough to try to obscure hers. It reminds me of a wise old saying in my youth:

      You can say it with flowers;
      You can say it with mink;
      But whatever you do,
      Don’t say it with ink!

      😉 â—„Daveâ–º

      • Chris says:

        Your probably right, but just the non release of the emails because they are that classified says BO passed info to a server he had to know wasn’t secure. “He heard about her email on the news”. LOL if that’s the case he’s one dumb sob.

  • I think they’ve got you asking the wrong question. These hand picked emails aren’t going to have anything shocking in them. Hillary is acting outraged that they won’t release all the emails, but I bet she’d change her tune real fast if they said they found all the stuff she deleted when they came looking for them. The real story here is that she deliberately created a server under her own control so she could (and did) burn all the incriminating evidence when anyone came looking.

    The Democrats aren’t going after her no matter how bad it was, and if Republicans gain the executive, she will be old news and there won’t be the will to prosecute. She walks.

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