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I didn’t bother to watch the debate last night, and watched the Trump event on C-Span instead. It wasn’t as entertaining as I had hoped, although the talk by the wounded warrior, John Wayne Walding was certainly inspirational.

If this Politico article is accurate, better entertainment would have been found on Fox News, “Megyn Kelly Just Did Trump’s Dirty Work for Him“:

Donald Trump skipped last night’s Fox News debate in a fit of pique over the “very biased” Megyn Kelly. But since the shocking things he does and says always seem to work out for him, someone else used his pet issue of immigration to tie his top Republican rivals into knots. And that someone else was Megyn Kelly.

Kelly flummoxed Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, currently polling second and third in Iowa, with brutal video montages that vividly demonstrated their flip-flops on immigration reform. To make things even more delicious for Trump, his other favorite bullying target, “low-energy” Jeb Bush, helped twist the knife into Rubio. And another one of his punching bags, Rand Paul, helped deliver the beatdown to Cruz.

It’s hard to see how the debate could have gone any better for Trump than if he had actually participated. Meanwhile, Democrats who hope to expand their majorities among Latino voters had to enjoy watching two Cuban-American Republicans scrambling to walk back their previous flirtations with reform.

The star of the show was Kelly, the allegedly anti-Trump “lightweight” who devoted an entire segment to shredding Rubio and Cruz over immigration.

I see Megyn is still succeeding in making the show all about her, while demonstrating that her inner bitch is not just focused on personal animosity toward Trump. The author goes on to describe some pretty effective bashing of Cruz and Rubio, set up by video clips and pointed questions, followed up by her softball pitches to Bush and Paul asking them to critique their answers.

To recap: Megyn Kelly, derided by Trump as a vapid Trump basher, along with Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, derided by Trump as pathetic losers, led the attacks on Trump’s leading competitors. And in the process, they helped remind Republican primary voters worried about immigration that Bush, Paul, Rubio and Cruz all have supported versions of amnesty. Of course, Trump was conveniently absent, so he didn’t have to field any tough questions about his own inconsistencies on immigration or other issues, from Kelly or anyone else.

I’m pretty sure my DVR recorded the debate. I may have to go watch it, to see if Trump owes Megyn a thank you note, and perhaps a dozen roses. Of course, had Trump been there, she had the illegal alien Muslim woman, who hates his guts, lying in wait for him. All told, reading all the various reactions this morning, Trumps move in deftly avoiding the ambush, appears to have once again demonstrated pure brilliance. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy Robinson says:

    All I can say is that FOX is insane if it allows the egomaniac Megyn Kelly to destroy the reputation they have worked so hard to establish.

    To that end, I will say the most hateful thing I can about her: in many ways, she reminds me of Hillary Clinton.


  • Chris says:

    Hmmmm. Seems the author never got around to watching the interview Kelly had with Cruz immediately after the debate. It highlighted the exchange over the video and how it “seemed to” show him flip flopping. Enjoy.

  • Chris says:

    I watched the whole debate start to finish. Although the inclusion of the video was a surprise I don’t see anything unfair about them or the questions she asked. I can only imagine the video they would have had of Trump if he were there. Her tough questions of all the candidates only serves to highlight the real reason Trump wasn’t there. They can spin it however they want but cowardice never plays well.

    • Cowardice? Does my hesitation to enter a den of vipers, or hungry lions, make me a coward or prudent? Most politicians would far rather face Megyn Kelly than Bill O’Reilly, who interviewed Trump only the night before. I reckon there are a lot of negative labels one might fairly apply to Trump; but surely coward isn’t one of them. â—„Daveâ–º

  • Chris says:

    Oh and Politico? Seriously?

    • Sure, Chris. I’ll even read and quote the NY Times, when they have a good article. You have to remember that I am not a Partisan, only an avid spectator of the bloody sport, and try to keep an open mind(Even if it is slammed shut on the subject of NBC and the Canadian). 🙂

      I am far more likely to find useful objective commentary in Politico, than I am at the Blaze, National Review, or the Weekly Standard; all of which are still trying to prove that their initial predictions of an imminent Trump flame-out is just around the next ‘gaff.’ Many of the pundits I used to respect have become tedious. 🙂

  • Here is a piece in the Washington Post making similar remarks about Kelly’s performance: “Sorry, Donald Trump. But Megyn Kelly is a fantastic debate moderator.”:

    There was no avoiding it, and Fox News Channel didn’t really try: Megyn Kelly was the star of the show at Thursday’s Republican presidential debate in Des Moines.

    …a common impression, it seems. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

    • Chris says:

      Not saying she was a star. No moderator should be the “star” of a debate. It’s about the candidates. I’m only saying that she did her job and what she was supposed to do. Asked tough questions of everybody. If anyone thinks she was a “star” there’s only one person that did the most to call attention to her “performance”. Trump knows how to promote. Now either people love Megyn Kelly or they hate her. But everybody is talking about her. Same as Trump can say one thing one day and the total opposite the next. It doesn’t matter whether some like it and some don’t. Everybody is talking about Trump.

      To have a problem with Megyn Kelly’s debate “performances” you have to believe that she is the sole author of every question she asks, and the sole arbiter of which questions get asked in a debate. I think that’s highly unlikely. She’s a talking head with Cokie Roberts hair. Possibly doing a little of her own research and with possibly some input to content, but not the last word. That’s what producers and news directors do. Her biggest input is in the realm of body language and tone which may also be scripted to a point.

      “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
      We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!”

      • Yep, all part of the Kabuki theater, and Trump is playing his part well too. The most scripted and well-rehearsed actors are Cruz and Rubio. Everybody has their own agenda for self-promotion; but the big picture is always to keep the sheeple cheering in the audience, and coming back for more next season. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

        • Chris says:

          No doubt about it. If your interested I posted something in my sand box. For the sake of the show it’s pretty absurd……Or is it? LOL

          BTW that littl blurb from ELP is now my moniker across the web.

          “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
          We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!”

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