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Wait! Don’t lose your lunch yet. 🙂

I have been having a delightful debate in the comment section of Robert Ringer’s blog post, “Discovering You’re Sane,” which participants here might appreciate. The exchange, which started as a civil debate on the relative merits of Trump v Cruz, soon evolved into an infinitely more thought-provoking analysis, of the irreversable present state of our nation’s political evolution.

Viewing our situation through the lens of history, particularly the timeline of Rome’s evolution from a republic, into an empire, and its final collapse in the Dark Ages, a poster calling himself “Reality Seeker” offered a perspective I had not heretofore considered:

I’m voting for Trump (despite the fact that I dislike him) because the American Empire needs a caesar. And Trump shall make a far better caesar than Cruz. Although, I must admit, that Cruz’s Goldman, Citi and other inside connections qualifies Cruz as the type of ruthless hypocrite necessary to be caesar; however, he still falls short of the task of running an empire juxtaposed to DT. By the way, the term president has become a euphemism for caesar— FYI— so try and get used to that fact, will ya?

In American history the Rubicon was crossed long ago ( Lincoln did that when he refused to allow state’s rights) and did they teach you that in public school? We’re not going back to an American republic anymore than Rome went back to being a Roman republic — FDR made sure of that. Americans would kill Jesus, again, before they gave up their welfare-warfare empire. So, at this point, in the cycle of empire, the question is not who can return America to a constitutional republic, but, rather, who can better maintain the AM ( American Empire) and keep us from FALLING into what I call The Great Dark Age. Just to be clear: anybody who believes we can actually return the AM to a republic (or even a country of classical liberalism) is living in a dream world. DREAMER! That’s who you are! FYI—there will be no Ron Paul as president or anybody like him— ever. There will be no Thomas Jefferson as president, again— ever. There will be no George Washington — ever. From now on it’s, drum roll and trumpets please, caesar………. Sorry, but that just the way the rise and fall of empires happens…..shit happens.

So pick your caesar, wisely.

I believe that Trump will be a better caesar, because he’ll tax foreign countries more and the domestic population less. DT said that’s what he intends to do, and I actually believe him. That’s just one reason he gets my vote. Trump understands how to make an empire great again. He said he’s going to make the empire great again, and I actually believe him. Ted Cruz —- along with his lovely wife who is in bed with Goldman— shall make Goldman great again— that much I’m sure— but Ted won’t be nearly as good of a caesar as Trump. Trump, trumps them all! He’s going to push — like any good caesar would— for more tribute from the outsiders.

Now, how is that for a dose of reality from its seeker? I find his logic to be sound and uncommonly persuasive.

Later, in a direct reply to one of my comments, he offered:

“I, on the other hand, ……………….would prefer to accelerate the inevitable fall of the American Empire, for a chance to return individual sovereignty and Liberty to we the people, most likely in a state of enlightened anarchy.”

Yes, and so would I; that is, if I thought a fall of a super empire would lead to a “return to individual liberty” and ” a state of enlightened anarchy”. But I don’t. The Great Fall of the AM won’t lead to a Great Enlightenment immediately thereafter. No! Falls lead to a Dark Ages. Sorry, but that’s not my opinion. It’s an historical fact. No super empire in history has fallen into a “state of enlightened anarchy”. You name the super empire ( e.g., Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Achaemenid Empire, Babylon, Greece, Rome) and then tell me what happened after it fell? Rome had a Wall Street, a Temple Street, a Financial Street and an amazing complex socioeconomic system — including a futures market and derivatives. What happened when it all finally went to shit during the third century? Answer: a period wherein civilization regressed into a living hell on earth. So this isn’t just my opinion, but it’s a fact based on an historical pattern, when I state that when the America Super Empire falls, completely, like Rome, a Dark Age naturally follows. What kind of a Dark Age?

Worst case scenario of a Dark Age: a nuclear war between Russia, China and the West. I’m sure that I don’t have to spell out the ramifications and what a hell on earth that event would create. And don’t think for a minute that the sociopaths in power won’t end the Cold War by a nuclear exchange when the time comes. They can. And under the right conditions, they most certainly shall. 99.999% of the dimwitted public never thought it possible that the Cold War could be restarted under Obama. But it did. No surprise to me. And it shall be no surprise to me if an all-out nuclear exchange occurs during the Great Fall of the America Empire. Both the Russians and Chinese are building massive weapon systems designed to fight WW3. So the capability is there. All that’s needed is the will.

The best case scenario when history finally repeats and a neo-Dark Age is: the breakup of the EU, Russia, China, America and other nations into smaller dictatorships with starvation, despair and acute violence the result. Grid power may go down. The just-in-time system we all take for granted probably fails. And the SCADA systems that keep modern life buzzing along shutdown. The AM finally becomes the third-world shithole and the cycle is complete.

Unfortunately, The best case Dark Age is unlikely.

That’s why I’m voting for Trump. Because I know what it means when the American Empire falls. I believe Trump understands what is at stake. I believe that he’ll rebuild the nuclear arsenal back to the level of MAD. And MAD is the only real deterrent. The Russians and Chinese must understand that nuclear war with the West means NO WINNERS.

I believe Trump can accomplish MAD without launching MAD. That’s why he’s got my vote.

To which I replied:

Again, your logic is persuasive, sir – and sobering. After watching Sara Palin’s endorsement speech tonight, between the two of you, I may need to reevaluate my vow not to vote this year. If I thought my single vote here in California could possibly make a difference, I probably would.

BTW, for what it is worth, nine years ago I wrote an essay entitled, “Dark Ages II.” The premise was that the Marxists’ Malthusian ZPG ploy back in the ’70s, had lowered our birth rate to the point that our culture was in a demographic death spiral, and that Islam would ultimately win in the end. In it, I said:

“Like it or not, our future generations will all be down on their knees bowing toward Mecca during the looming new “Dark Ages,” long before any climatic catastrophe, whether by ice or by fire, ever has an appreciable effect on civilization; regardless of whether man had much to do with causing it, or could have done anything to prevent it if we tried.

“We are fortunate to have lived in the best of times, and there is little left to do but to enjoy the time we have left…”

Alas, I’m afraid that gloomy conclusion is at least as valid today, as it was nine years ago. Thanks for your participation in this discussion. 🙂 â—„Daveâ–º

This active discussion is probably not yet ended; but in any case, I reckon the subjects of empire, the one-way political course we are likely embarked upon, the inevitable looming neo-Dark Ages, and the apocalyptic prognosis of nuclear war, which didn’t even mention the potential threats of Iran, North Korea, or Pakistan, are certainly worth discussing hereabouts. The Trump v Cruz debates, outside the Caesar qualifications perspective, pale in significance. Thoughts? â—„Daveâ–º

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  • Troy Robinson says:

    One can say “it is over” in far fewer words.


    • Agreed. One fellow just did:

      I agree with all of you in this discussion, if that is possible. WWIII is just a few short years away, most likely months away, and yes, a return to the dark ages after. Russia is amassing 150,000 troops in Syria in order to invade Israel after he goes down the valley and takes Egypt. This of course leads us into a massive exchange, leading to the end of nation states, and the installation of the new world government which has already been established in Nov 2009.

      This is why we need someone steady and with guts at the helm who is not afraid to pull the trigger to save us. Any Democrat would hesitate and the end of America would be assured.

      Hold on to your hats, and don’t let the bastards grind you down…

      To which I replied:

      You mean WWV. WWIII was the Cold War, which the West supposedly won. WWIV is the ongoing War on Terror, or more precisely the War with Jihadists, which the West is decidedly losing. In the imminent WWV that you speak of, their will not be any winners.

      The suggestion that the aftermath could be unification of all sheeple under a One World Government, I find risible. Blue helmets are targets, not badges of authority. 😉 â—„Daveâ–º

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