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Here is a quick question that, I hope, will inspire more spirited exchanges.  The question is: did Europe ask for the troubles it is now having with Muslim imports?

My answer is a definite YES, just as we are eventually going to pay for our own foolishness in that area.  But Europe has far less excuse having already had years of conflict with and invasions by Muslims.  Of course, part of the European problem is that a number of European nations colonized Muslim nations then allowed the citizens of those colonized nations to automatically become citizens of the colonizing nations.  Another classic case of dumb being followed by dumber.

Rave on!


4 Responses to “Did Europe Ask For It?”

  • Jerry Elkins says:

    Troy. Muslims do not fit into Western countries. They bring their crappy laws with them. Treat women like s*it. And on and on. Europe let muslims in. 1-2 % OK. Above that it’s begins to get ugly. So when Europe decided to become totally liberal and bleeding hearts, the trouble began.

    Now we have a muslim president that hates the US. He is (my view) mentally ill and wants to flood our country with Syrian muslims. His administration is full of muslims. Anyone that watched his G-20 speech thought. Is this guy drunk or drugged. Calling US Governors names and Republicans afraid of 3 year old muslim orphans? Delusional does not describe Obama these days. What Americans are afraid of is another attack by Islamic Muslims that could come anywhere in the US.

  • Define: ‘Europe.’ Is it a geographical territory? Is it a political territory, i.e. the EU? Is it a conglomeration of the various governments claiming dominion over said territory? Is it the inhabitants of the territory who choose, empower, or at least tolerate the politicians running these governments? If it is the people, does it include immigrants or just native born citizens? All people, or just those permitted to vote? All such with the franchise, or only those who actually do vote? Then, only those in the majority, or would the dissenters be equally culpable for the decisions of politicians they never approved of?

    Then, of course, we need similar definitions for ‘we’ and ‘our foolishness.’ This is by no means the first time I have pushed back against your use of such plural pronouns in an inclusive manner, which could be construed to implicate me, a rather contumacious individual, as sharing responsibility for various ills extant in our society. Once again, I must object! 🙂

    As for causation, your question reminded me of the alligators and swamps allegory I used in my WWIV Analysis of our badly misnamed ‘War on Terror,’ which I penned nearly a dozen years ago (I just reread it and find little that would be need to be updated today). In it, I suggested that Western Civilization erred, in using modern technology to promote the benefits of our culture to the youth of theirs, which riled up their fundamentalist clergy.

    A case can be made that this thoughtless commercial activity instigated all that has culminated in ISIS, the Paris tragedy, and whatever follows from here in the present World War between the modernity of the West, and the barbaric ideology of Islam. It is a war the West is destined to lose, simply because our civilization values life and theirs celebrates death and martyrdom. That and the fact that the altruistic beliefs of those running the West, will not permit them to take the actions that would be necessary to eradicate the vermin, to achieve victory. See: Dark Ages II â—„Daveâ–º

    • Troy says:

      Our lofty principles are all well and good but, I recognize that they stem from our continued existence as a power on this Earth. Ergo, IMHO, our survival as a nation trumps any and all other principles.

      Yes, I value life. BUT, when threatened, my own life and those of my fellow countrymen I value much higher that the lives of those who would destroy me and mine.

      Said yet another way, I think that America is the best hope for life and liberty in the world as it currently exists. Allowing America to fall, at this moment in history, would usher in an age of brutality the likes of which we have never seen.


      • Agreed; yet we WILL fall; because of those multicultural-minded fools in charge of our response to the Jihadists. That and the ridiculous pass they get from the Christians, because they appreciate that their motives are faith based, and only think they are in error over which ancient text should properly govern society.

        Most fundamentalist Christians would vote for a devout Muslim, before they would for an avowed atheist. They would appreciate his piety, and celebrate his faith, even if it is in the ‘wrong’ god. Look how quickly they totally forgive a former savage, murderous, misogynist Jihadi pedophile, and praise their own exalted God, when he renounces Islam and converts to Christianity. It is like they are more interested in saving their souls for Jesus, than eradicating the evil vermin!

        We could win the war against their toxic culture in a matter of days, if we would unleash our military might to do whatever it takes to expediently do so. That we won’t do that – literally can’t allow ourselves do that – means that they will ultimately win, because they are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve victory. We aren’t… â—„Daveâ–º

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